I wrote this

First things first – my name is Wendell Talley not Lester Cahill. I’ve been writing here under a pseudonym the last few years (thank you for reading!) because I believed it was dangerous to my livelihood to tell you what I really think under my real name. It probably still is but I no longer […]

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Now you know

In light of what we’ve all seen from the Rittenhouse prosecution team, I’d like to reaffirm what I wrote in this post. Now, on to today’s post: I am pleased to see (a few) parents waking up to the realization that the public school system is a hell hole in which young minds are terrorized […]

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Too Manly for twitter

I was suspended from Twitter tonight for “hateful conduct”. By which, Twitter means I called Rachel Levine (who is a man) a man. They’ve locked me out until tomorrow. At the end of my suspension I’m sure I’ll be required to delete the offensively obvious statement I made in order to unlock my account. If […]

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Cubic Volume

People on television have microphones but they still shout. I ditched satellite TV in 2010 and never (well, rarely) missed it. I’m back on the cable chain gang now and what I’ve noticed is people are shouting louder than ever but about increasingly smaller stakes. I walked past the break room at work where for […]

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