Limited partnerships

Unlike most of the black conservatives you see on Fox News I have black friends. Also, unlike the black conservatives most advertised on conservative platforms I have black friends who are blue collar and who are on the Left politically. Because of those connections to the black community and because of my former life as […]

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Complete Sentences

What up, Cuz? Where my Piru Homies at? Y’all are going to jail. I’m saying my goodbyes today because it is unlikely I will see you again in this life after you’ve spent 50 years busting rocks on a west Texas chain gang.  The man who wrote the 1994 Crime Bill that locked up your […]

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Without Me There Is No You

By my tally Kamala Harris owes me $94,714,318.21 in reparations. Me personally. I can’t do the math on what she owes the rest of black America.  Mrs. Harris is reputed by many as the first ever woman Vice President in U.S history. She is set to take office later this month. Judging by the fragile […]

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Conceived In Liberty

If you are alive, black, and reading this page please understand this: America does not owe you a damn thing. All debts have been paid. It certainly does not owe you the arsonist’s pleasure of watching it destroy itself.  The 13th Amendment gave you all you needed.  Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except […]

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Motion Measured As A Product

The Grand Wizard who runs Virginia has a health director who announced that “Phase One” of reopening Virginia could take at least two years. My Twitter timeline was filled with the usual right-wing prescription for Progressive policies — run. Leave. Move somewhere else. And ridicule the Left on your way out of town. In other words, […]

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