Huntington Beach

It all went down in Huntington Beach this past Friday when a “large crowd” turned out to protest Governor Gavin Newsom’s decree to shut down Orange County beaches. The people were mad as hell and weren’t going to take it anymore. The people were united. They would never be defeated. Not one person went in […]

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Motion Measured As A Product

The Grand Wizard who runs Virginia has a health director who announced that “Phase One” of reopening Virginia could take at least two years. My Twitter timeline was filled with the usual right-wing prescription for Progressive policies — run. Leave. Move somewhere else. And ridicule the Left on your way out of town. In other words, […]

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The Invisible Man

My favorite Communist, Harold Cruse, writing in The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual, said this about Harlem, New York, “The true of the matter is that Harlem has, in this century, become the most strategically important community of black America. Harlem is still the pivot of the black world’s quest for identity and salvation . […]

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No Place Like America Today

Mute lies America like a grave as its quarantined citizens have been forced to cease from their earthly pursuits. With time to think many are realizing that opening China ultimately meant closing our restaurants, schools, churches, parks, beaches and all the places Americans like to express their freedom of association. Our factories and jobs went […]

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The Compton Library

The Compton Library is open from 10am until 8pm Pacific, Monday through Wednesday. It is open 10am until 5pm on Friday and 9am until 5pm on Saturday. It is closed on Sunday and Monday. It has a meeting room with a maximum capacity of 95 people. It has additional spaces dedicated to children and teens, […]

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The First Time I Left Home

When I was 20 years old a girl broke my heart so badly I had to leave the state. She did it with precision and seemingly with great joy in June 1989.  By August I had moved from Southern California to South Carolina to get as comprehensive a breakup as I could achieve. I didn’t even […]

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Social Accounting

The video of Elizabeth Warren getting wrong-footed by a downscale black woman asking her about charter schools brought back memories of all the times representatives of the white Left explained to me that relying on black intelligence and agency was a bad bet.  They didn’t say it that way, of course, they were usually very […]

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400 Years Later . . .

One of the wardens of black thought, Nikole Hannah- Jones, wrote in an essay that “anti-black racism runs in the very DNA of this country”. She also wrote that black Americans “fought back alone” to make America a democracy. Her statements are incorrect and incomplete.  Her sentiments were expressed in the New York Times’ 1619 […]

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About Us

I was born in Dominguez Valley Hospital many decades ago. 91 Freeway and Artesia. South L.A. county. Compton.  It’s gone now. I think it was replaced by a machine factory. It could have been replaced by worse. Knowing the Compton-Watts-Long Beach corridor I’m grateful (surprised) a swap meet doesn’t sit in the lot where I […]

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Today Kunte Kinta made a reappearance into American culture. Fittingly, the fictional Mr. Kinta was resurrected by a fake Civil Rights leader and professional workout video purveyor, Colin Kaepernick. Mr. Kaepernick, who is on Nike’s payroll because he can grow a very impressive Afro, wore a T-shirt with Kunte Kinta printed on it to his […]

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