Continued from Haters and Losers  The Congressional Black Caucus spent Memorial Day weekend on Twitter advertising its comprehensive failure as a black political unit. Tweet after mawkish tweet about the Tulsa race riot and how the luckless black wretches of Tulsa were put down in 1921 and have never recovered. They were cry bullying on […]

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Gloria Patria

I greet you in the name of the magnificent and most high COVID-19; Creator of all laws and Father of all Health and Safety Protocols, and in the name of COVID-19’s most beneficent, and most wise Prophet, Dr. Fauci; Ruler of all Cloth Face Masks and Lord of mRNA vaccines. . . . Brothers and […]

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Chocolate City Blues

I have more words than time to write them. I go from Oakland to D.C. to Baltimore in discussing the feckless, unmanly, and untethered black political class. I also question the vigor and vigilance of all the White Supremacists allegedly oppressing us. Where ya at White Supremacists? I can’t see you.

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Capital Assault

The day in Baltimore I described in my prior essay was the day I was done being a conservative. I didn’t move Left. I was done with all of the conventional modern ideologies. I still identified as a conservative for many years after but that day radicalized me. I wasn’t about conserving anything either party […]

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Legacy Scholarships

You know who was a badass? A. Phillip Randolph.  A. Phillip Randolph built the first black trade union. In 1925, he organized black sleeping car porters into the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. At the time half the affiliates of the American Federation of Labor (AFL)  barred blacks from membership. He took the Brotherhood into the […]

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