Coming Up

First, thank you Dominguez Valley Hospital blog readers for following me to this site. The Dominguez Valley Hospital blog will continue here once I get this place cleaned up and ready for visitors. On the horizon: getting this site fully operational. My goal is to make this a one-stop shop for the blog, The Black […]

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The Invisible Man

My favorite Communist, Harold Cruse, writing in The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual, said this about Harlem, New York, “The true of the matter is that Harlem has, in this century, become the most strategically important community of black America. Harlem is still the pivot of the black world’s quest for identity and salvation . […]

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No Place Like America Today

Mute lies America like a grave as its quarantined citizens have been forced to cease from their earthly pursuits. With time to think many are realizing that opening China ultimately meant closing our restaurants, schools, churches, parks, beaches and all the places Americans like to express their freedom of association. Our factories and jobs went […]

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