Elevator Pitch

How honest are we in our prayers and in our public and private lives I’ve been wondering.  I had a 30 second elevator ride with a woman the other day. It was the morning of the first day of the latest four week lockdown imposed by the heap of mashed potatoes posing as governor of […]

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Germ Free

About 133 years ago, during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic of 2020, in late May, the people of the United States of America decided they were done with being locked in their homes and locked out of their jobs in compliance with government health measures. They had a higher a calling.   George Floyd, a black […]

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No Place Like America Today

Mute lies America like a grave as its quarantined citizens have been forced to cease from their earthly pursuits. With time to think many are realizing that opening China ultimately meant closing our restaurants, schools, churches, parks, beaches and all the places Americans like to express their freedom of association. Our factories and jobs went […]

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