Momma Jokes pt. ii

I’m told this woman is a hero. She “brought the receipts”. Yass, Kween! Slay! She’s the new Harriet Tubman (a title being passed around a lot these days). Ah, yes. I remember reading all of the speeches Harriet made to slave owners asking if they could please release their slaves. That Harriet was some speech […]

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momma jokes

Back in my day mama jokes went like this, “Yo’ mama so fat she can bench press a garbage truck with her belly!” In the degraded medical tyranny of 2022 mothers take to social media to write jokes about themselves. From Twitter: I call this Stand Up – Speak Out – Comply. It’s what all […]

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Fight the power

A clear conscience is necessary for bold action. There are 81 million people (at least) waiting for someone to lead them on the offensive against the Woke, Proto-Commie Regime that runs our nation. The fact that 99.99% of politicians from the center-Left to the far Right have not stepped forward to claim what is every […]

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Sincerely Yours

All it took for the Klan to gain acclamation for burning down black businesses was to do it while wearing black t-shirts emblazoned with Black Lives Matter.  All the Kluxers needed to do to gain state protection was declare themselves anti-racists (Antira?). They’d have run out of black people to lynch by now if they […]

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Germ Free

About 133 years ago, during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic of 2020, in late May, the people of the United States of America decided they were done with being locked in their homes and locked out of their jobs in compliance with government health measures. They had a higher a calling.   George Floyd, a black […]

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Huntington Beach

It all went down in Huntington Beach this past Friday when a “large crowd” turned out to protest Governor Gavin Newsom’s decree to shut down Orange County beaches. The people were mad as hell and weren’t going to take it anymore. The people were united. They would never be defeated. Not one person went in […]

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