I’ve been away from the blog for a bit. Family affairs. The untimely death of one of my brothers followed by the untimely mental disintegration of another put me in a state where I shouldn’t have had my hands on a gun or a keyboard.  I’ve been away but I’ve been watching. I have some […]

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Summer Was Cold Winter Was Colder

My political philosophy, in case I haven’t been clear, is called Cahillism. It was passed on to me by the late, great, acutely missed, Jim Crow educated political philosopher,  Louise Cahill – my mother.  The watershed political science lesson was commenced and ended while waiting at a red light in a late model white Toyota […]

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The Invisible Man

My favorite Communist, Harold Cruse, writing in The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual, said this about Harlem, New York, “The true of the matter is that Harlem has, in this century, become the most strategically important community of black America. Harlem is still the pivot of the black world’s quest for identity and salvation . […]

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