38th and Chicago

Do we, finally, now see how pernicious the false 1619 Project revision of history is? The shattered glass, the fires, the beatings and the mob rule should provide us with all the evidence needed to reject the case for eternally recasting America an an unredeemably racist nation. There are no appeals to justice in a […]

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Conceived In Liberty

If you are alive, black, and reading this page please understand this: America does not owe you a damn thing. All debts have been paid. It certainly does not owe you the arsonist’s pleasure of watching it destroy itself.  The 13th Amendment gave you all you needed.  Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except […]

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400 Years Later . . .

One of the wardens of black thought, Nikole Hannah- Jones, wrote in an essay that “anti-black racism runs in the very DNA of this country”. She also wrote that black Americans “fought back alone” to make America a democracy. Her statements are incorrect and incomplete.  Her sentiments were expressed in the New York Times’ 1619 […]

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