I wrote this

First things first – my name is Wendell Talley not Lester Cahill.

I’ve been writing here under a pseudonym the last few years (thank you for reading!) because I believed it was dangerous to my livelihood to tell you what I really think under my real name. It probably still is but I no longer care. More is at stake than a healthy W2.

I had a WordPress blog under my name back in the second Obama term but I dropped it when I saw the political frenzy that was swirling around Donald Trump’s campaign. People were losing their minds on both sides. I wasn’t a Trump supporter then and I said so on my blog. The anger that stance generated was hard for me to believe. I thought it was a good time to step back from my unpaid commentator position. Was I really going to have to knock someone out just because I didn’t believe Trump was a conservative? That blog was called The Talley Sheet.

Before that I had written under the name Lester Cahill for a news aggregator site a friend of mine started (I can’t remember the name of the site, sorry Darren) and for a site edited by Daniel Horowitz (@redmeatconservative now banned on Twitter) who runs Conservative Review now. I had to give up that gig because I went after Mitch McConnell and the establishment GOP too hard. Not that Mr. Horowitz is a shill for McConnell but you had to be careful back then. That was 2011 or so.

The last essay I wrote for that site was about how the GOP should return to its emancipation roots in order to appeal to black voters. I wrote that the GOP should save Detroit and all of our failing cities. That was considered over the line (still is). A few years later when Trump gave his famous “What have you got to lose?” speech in Michigan – the question and speech was addressed to black voters – I was stunned by how much of it was in line with the thinking in my controversial essay. I took a break from writing to re-assess my political thoughts. I was angry the GOP had left such an important message to someone like Trump. I didn’t dislike Trump but at the time I did not think he was a serious candidate. Also, I had to reckon with how much longer I was going to pretend I was a Republican. I voted for local Republican candidates who I knew but I had only voted Republican nationally twice in my adult life (1992 and 2004). No, I didn’t vote for Democrats, but I was done with the party and I was done with being a conservative.

I brought Lester back to life to talk about what I was thinking in the world of a Trumpified GOP and a self-aware administrative state out to get us all. I needed to define in public what a black conservative is. I needed to call out the sell outs in the GOP. Why should I leave the party instead of them? I started the Black History Fashion Show podcast on iTunes which eventually became The Chocolate City Blues podcast hosted here.

I felt I needed the cover Lester would provide because I worked for a large, woke corporation and my wife labors in a field dominated by the Left. Over the last few months, though, I’ve become convinced those are the very reasons I should put my name on my opinions. If the Woke Commies are successful in criminalizing speech I’m going to the gulag no matter if it’s as Lester or Wendell. This is my country. My ancestors have been here longer than 90% of the White Left that would want to silence me. I’m not letting those people punk me.

Men and women are biologically different. One cannot become the other. Men don’t get periods. Men don’t get pregnant. Gender is for grammar. Sex is for humans. You don’t own pronouns. The Left cheated to win in 2020. Joe Biden is President in name only. The vaccines don’t work. America is not a racist nation.

Bring it on, clowns, if you want some.

I accepted a nomination to a state commission in my real name. There are some fights to have there. I plan on having them. I brought back The Talley Sheet where I have a Substack under my real name. I charge for my time there so all you freeloaders are going to have to make a decision. It’s worth the five bucks a month, Homie. C’mon now. On occasion, I write at The Heidelblog where I keep the bomb throwing to a minimum.

Last things last – I’ll keep this site up another two or three months. I paid for the domain after all. You’ll be able to get your fill of Lester until he takes his leave. When the Monster comes for my Substack hobby, for my pay job and maybe even for my life or liberty I want to be able to say I went out the way I came in – as Wendell Talley.