all trucked up

National Flag of Pfizerland

Shout out to the Canadian truckers for standing up for your rights. Much respect. My only question: What took you so long?

From the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the Canadian Constitution):

Section 6 protects the mobility rights of Canadian citizens which include the right to enter, remain in, and leave Canada. Currently, unvaccinated Canadians are not allowed to leave or enter Canada.

Section 7 says every Canadian has the right to life, liberty and “security of the person”. Security of the person has been interpreted to consist of right to privacy of the body and the psychological integrity of the individual. How is Justin Trudeau mandating Canadians participate in an experimental drug trial consistent with this section? I’m not Canadian, much less a Canadian attorney, but I don’t think forcing the Moderna heart attack starter kit into a Canadian’s arm is legal.

Again, much respect to the Canadian truckers. They are showing mettle that Americans only pretend to possess. I’m praying for them to stand strong.

A word to the recently inspired American truckers: Are y’all watching the game? Your opponent only has one play – entrapment and imprisonment. You are making it much easier for them to execute it by announcing your moves so far in advance. The only rigs from your convoy that will make it all the way into D.C. will be the ones driven by undercover feds.

Be smarter. That goes for Canadian truckers, too.

Block all the cities, streets, and bridges you can but once forced to retreat have other tactics ready.

Don’t drive. Make the American and Canadian governments fly in 50,000 Red Chinese truckers to replace you. Bring the implicit subordination of our governments to the CCP out into the open.

Slow it down. If your load is due on the 1st, then get it there on the 10th.

Play dumb. If your load is due in Charlotte, then deliver it to Denver. If your load is due in Vancouver, then deliver it to Calgary.

Have a central message but a decentralized leadership. Right now what I hear from the truckers are legal and constitutional arguments. Wrong approach. The people you are fighting left regard for the law and constitution behind long ago. They are power mad tyrants. Make moral arguments. Talk about right and wrong and make those arguments to the average citizen as much as possible. This is the way to enlist other sectors of society to your cause.

Don’t unite behind one leader or group of leaders who can be isolated, discredited, and removed. Speak with a thousand voices. Speak on your own media platforms. Speak in public only when necessary. That will make it harder for the Regime to infiltrate your organizations. In fact, don’t organize. Keep your movement as loose as possible.

Your leaders hate you. They have the power. They want this to be about confrontations. Don’t fight them on that field. Continue to be non-violent. Confuse them with your tactics. Disguise your tactics. That will make it harder for the Regime to track them and harder for their media lackeys to turn your tactics into a negative narrative. Expose how corrupt and under the control of foreign influence they are. They are incredibly ignorant. They do not know how an economy functions. Expose their incompetence.

I read somewhere recently that every regime is nine missed meals away from being overthrown. Nobody eats unless you say so. That’s the power you have. Make sure to use it wisely and with the aim of guiding your country back to the right path.

Drive the resistance to tyranny.