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Tegucigalpa’s finest

It is important for me to tell you that Brian Flores is not black. Sure, he has the color, shape, and mental acuity of a Milk Dud but he’s not one of the Brothers i.e. American black or Foundational Black American as Tariq Nasheed has coined it. Coach Flores’ parents are from Honduras. He is a second generation immigrant. Welcome, Brian!

In the general African Diaspora, Brian Flores is black. In the particular story of American blacks, Brian Flores is an interloper. That is the primary issue I have with the Brian Flores saga. Jason Whitlock has done two excellent podcasts on all the sports angles and on the psycho-sexual and racial neurosis of certain black public figures with white spouses ( a very, very real problem).

There are too many people on our boat – the S.S. American Black Folks. We can’t accommodate any more passengers. We’ve taken on the homosexual movement, the feminist movement, transgenderism, illegal immigrants, something called BIPOC and even West Africans and West Indians. I’m sure I’m missing someone. Y’all need to get off!

A different analogy: America is a house. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the front door. The Civil Rights Movement (1789-1965) was the side door which allowed black Americans inside the house. Now, the side door is being used by a never ending line of grievance mongers. They all are wearing blackface to gain admission.

The latest party crasher is Brian Flores who was announced to the room by his white attorneys as the next Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, Jr. At that I rolled my eyes so hard they fell from my face. A stranger picked them up on the next block and brought them back to me.

No, Brian. I’m not stamping your hand. You can’t use this door. Get out.

We’ve endured Rachel Dolezal. Shaun King a.k.a Talcum X a.k.a. Martin Luther Cream. Even Cardi B has been declared a black woman. And don’t get me started on Kamala and Obama again. Nah, it’s time to shut this down.

I thought the black elites would shut off this pipeline when they started losing Ivy League admissions to West Africans and West Indians. They complained a bit in the Washington Post but let it go.

I thought black actors would call a halt to this ethnic impersonation when Hollywood started giving Afro-Brits the starring roles in major bio-pics about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Harriet Tubman.

I thought wrong and will continue to be wrong.

I like to think of the legacy of black Americans as a golden ornament in America’s crown of liberty. Really, it’s just a doormat for political carpetbaggers and fragile immigrants like Brian Flores to wipe their feet on.

Coach Flores – if what you allege really happened, so what? I got news for you: that is the common practice in corporate America. Managers don’t open jobs until the person they want to fill it is available. No one fires a coach, or any high ranking employee if they don’t already have a replacement in mind. That is how it works in America. It’s happened to me and I’ve done it myself when I’ve had to fill positions.

Get over it, Amigo. Losing out on a job doesn’t make you a pioneer.

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