Momma Jokes pt. ii

I am Suburban American Woman. Hear me beg.

I’m told this woman is a hero. She “brought the receipts”. Yass, Kween! Slay! She’s the new Harriet Tubman (a title being passed around a lot these days).

Ah, yes. I remember reading all of the speeches Harriet made to slave owners asking if they could please release their slaves. That Harriet was some speech maker. The slaves would shower her in applause as she left the podium.

Hmmmm. Where are this modern day Harriet’s kids today? Masked and in school.

Where will they be on Monday? Masked and in school.

Repeat until the terrorists give her permission to unmask.

This is the low bar of late stage feminism – women asking people for permission to take masks off their own kids. And she had the nerve to call out the Commissars of the school board for political theatre. Okay, sis.

Yo’ mama so dumb she thought her kids belonged to someone else.

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