momma jokes

Yo’ mama . . .

Back in my day mama jokes went like this, “Yo’ mama so fat she can bench press a garbage truck with her belly!”

In the degraded medical tyranny of 2022 mothers take to social media to write jokes about themselves.

From Twitter:

I call this Stand Up – Speak Out – Comply. It’s what all the Yass Kween Boss Girl daughters of the Third Wave of Feminism (on the Right) do now to show their defiance of the Regime. Right after sending their children off to the care of racist, pedophile, mind terrorists who force their children into masks, these brave and strong mothers take to social media to complain that their children are in the care of racist, pedophile, mind terrorist who force their children into masks.

I am not impressed by all the emotional speechifying mothers do in front of Communist Central Planning Committees aka school boards because we all know their kids are back in the same schools the next day. When I watch clips of the speeches what I hear are middle class women begging to be absolved for offloading the welfare of their children to abusive strangers for the privilege of owning trinkets that mark their class status.

The world gave American women a 3,000 square foot box with granite tiling in the kitchen and a utility room and American women gave the world their children. Mothers are just now – after 30 years of evidence being compiled and shared – getting a faint idea that the public school system is a pit of despair and destruction.

Mothers with just enough conviction to complain on Twitter but not enough to remove their children from the pit don’t deserve any applause or “You go, Girl” cheers.

The school administrators don’t take you mothers seriously because you don’t take yourselves seriously. They’ll continue to call your bluff and mask and queer students knowing your economic commitments trump your commitment to the welfare of your children.

Mothers of America: You are a joke.

Yo’ mama so dumb she think her kids are safe in public schools.

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Yo mama so dumb she thought you can ski on Mountain Dew.