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The cookout: Black conservatives just show up for the yams

Unlike most of the black conservatives you see on Fox News I have black friends. Also, unlike the black conservatives most advertised on conservative platforms I have black friends who are blue collar and who are on the Left politically. Because of those connections to the black community and because of my former life as a black conservative I can tell you just how large the gap is between black America and black conservatives.

My black friends in the South are longing for someone to speak up for black men and the traditional way of life in black America. They are tired of seeing black men in dresses being promoted on every cable channel and in every industry. Black conservatives, however, are currently occupied stomping on Whoopi Goldberg for offending Jews. They got to Whoopi right after penning pieces about how Martin Luther King Jr. was a failure.

Two weeks ago, my black friends in Atlanta were passionately complaining about how Atlanta’s black leadership allowed two historic black churches (Mount Vernon Baptist Church and Friendship Baptist Church) to be torn down so the Atlanta Falcons could build a new stadium. It did not matter that the two congregations – after putting up a long fight – finally conceded and took the many millions of dollars being offered to move. The point they made is that black leaders do not speak up to preserve black historical places and people – especially Christian ones.

The churches were bullied/bribed off of their property all the way back in 2013 but my friends are still angry about it. Your local black conservative has written dozens of pieces about why Confederate statues shouldn’t be torn down or removed but zero columns about keeping vital parts of black history in place.

Retweeting Prager University videos about absent black fathers while not defending black masculinity from the clutches of the tranny mafia evinces the contradictions and cowardice black conservatives have yet to work out.

Standing up for Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis statues but not for the physical integrity of Mount Vernon Baptist Church (established in 1915) or Friendship Baptist Church (Atlanta’s first autonomous black church, established in 1862) and the neighborhoods they serve tells black people everything they need to know about black conservatives.

I encouraged my Atlanta friend to run for office. He has been thinking about it but says he can’t do politics. I told him the fact that he’s been married for 25 years, is the father of two children, a college grad from an HBCU, is blue collar, and is known and respected in his community is all the political training he’ll ever need in our present moment. He is all in – unlike the guy who shows up at the cookout to get yams but doesn’t know anyone’s name.

I don’t agree with 95% of my friend’s politics but I’d give cash to his campaign because I know he knows and cares about the people in his community. He would be honest and forthright. He is clear about who he is and where he came from – unlike whatever black face will be on Tucker Carlson tonight telling you how stupid and pathetic black people are.

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