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The Supremes Joe thinks he’s getting

We’re all laughing about Joe’s potential choice for the suddenly available Supreme Court seat. Which black woman’s name will Joe pick from his hat. Oprah? Kamala? Stacy Abrams? Rachel Dolezal – stand by. It could be you.

Turning a Supreme Court nomination into a judicial version of the NBA Draft Lottery is amusing but it’s also another pernicious toxin injected into the American body politic. Playing race games like this is no joke and we really shouldn’t be making light of it.

Just ask the people of Cambodia. Communists don’t always measure all things political by class. Pol Pot’s genocidal rule in Cambodia was based on race.

Pot’s Cambodia was to be a Communist utopia but only for the Khmer people of Cambodia. Vietnamese, Thais, Chams, and Laos were not welcome. Especially unwelcome were Khmers with unapproved ideological views. One of the main political slogans used in Democratic Kampuchea (Cambodia) to justify the slaughter of outcast Khmers was that they had “Khmer bodies with Vietnamese minds”. The Khmers the Khmer Rouge were killing in the name of Khmer Communism were “not really Khmer . . . because their minds could not be controlled” according to Ben Kiernan, author of The Pol Pot Regime: Race, Power, and Genocide in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, 1975-1979.

The Khmer Rouge Communist Party killed one-fourth of all Khmers in Cambodia in less than four years. For the Reds, the Asian versions of “Uncle Tom” and “Oreo” were the first stop on the road to Khmer run death camps for Khmer people.

Black Americans such as Clarence Thomas can’t be controlled ideologically therefore he “ain’t black” in the words of Uncle Joe Biden. When Joe made that statement I wrote on my now defunct Twitter feed that those words were a threat not a gaffe. Ideologically unbound blacks (such as yours truly) know the hate behind those words includes malice right up to murder.

Joe’s nomination based on race and sex should be opposed and defeated for the peace of the Union. It won’t because we don’t have an opposition party in the Senate and the Democratic Party is long on racial politics. All we are likely to get from the GOP is speeches, jokes, and memes. And we will move a little closer to officially binding black identity to Communist ideology.

Joe is sure enough going to get a “real” black on the Supreme Court this time even if his addled brain is thinking Diana Ross not Ketanji Brown-Jackson.

Baby love, my baby love , I need you, oh how I need you is playing on Joe’s headphones right now. In his mind he’s going to do something nice for the Coloreds and be crowned king of the racial jungle he decried long ago.

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