quick hits

Gangstas make the world go round

A few quick, random thoughts before my next long post.

Barry Bonds belongs in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame based on his pre-steroid career alone. By 1999, at age 34 he had over 400 homers, over 400 stolen bases, three MVPs, seven Golden Gloves, and seven Silver Slugger awards. He was easily the best player in baseball during the 1990s. Put him in the Hall. It is a joke that David Ortiz is in and Bonds is not. But I guess being called Big Papi is all it takes for baseball writers to overlook your steroid use.

If I ran the RNC (and Lord knows I should be) I wouldn’t let the party get caught flat footed for black history month the way it was for Juneteenth. In the can and ready to go on all social media platforms and streaming services would be daily 20-30 minute, narration-less documentaries showing black people using ID to rent cars, rent hotel rooms, buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, and check in for flights. I’d have 60 second versions ready for commercials on all corporate media channels. I’d hire Bob Woodson or Glenn Loury to supply the tag line at the end. Something like, “We have IDs and we’re proud to show them for the sacred right to vote our ancestors won.”

I’d also put out a $100,000 reward for the black person who could prove (with date and time) the occasion when he was denied a ballot because he was black. I’d tie it all to a campaign that highlighted the successes and progress of black Americans. I would not allow the Left to rerun their blacks are perpetual victims propaganda unopposed.

Civli disobedience is hard, isn’t it? Getting people to go places that they are banned by law or edict from entering is tough. Very few will really risk jail or arrest for their beliefs. Organizing massive campaigns in the face of state and business power, and with no media backing is almost impossible. So, before you pop your gums to denigrate MLK again think about what he accomplished with a tiny fraction of 11% of the population – a minority with no political capital, and no media or mainstream institutional backing of any kind. I keep reading about the 74 million MAGA voters out there who are fed up with the status quo but all I see are people complying with mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and who keep sending their children into dens of abuse also known as public schools for 8-10 hours per day. Let’s Go Brandon songs are fun but they won’t do a damn thing to keep the state from injecting your 5 year old with an experimental drug.

I gave up watching the NFL a few years ago but then Patrick Mahomes happened. I’ve never seen a quarterback like him. He is the Steph Curry of the NFL – a college phenom who landed in the perfect system with a coach(es) who grounded him then let him fly. The Chiefs vs. Bills game last Sunday was a joy to watch. The Bills quarterback, Josh Allen, reminds me of a young John Elway – strong, powerful, and unafraid. There are other young quarterbacks I’ve seen through following Mahomes and the Chiefs. Joe Burrow on Cincinnati is in the Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers mold. Confident and having a good time. The Chargers’ Justin Herbert is another youngster with a big arm. He’s super accurate and ice cold under pressure. I see why Jimmy Johnson compares him to Troy Aikman. He’s going to have to find his inner Dan Fouts, though, to succeed with the Chargers. As is traditional with the Chargers, they are clueless.

Tomorrow where I live will be 47 degrees warmer than it is now as I type. It will still be below freezing. If on the news you see my dead, frozen body in a corn field maze clutching an axe while my weeping wife is talking to reporters you’ll know why.

Later, Homies.

[An earlier version of this post misidentified Joe Burrow as Josh Burrow. Hey – I’m not the boy’s mama. I can barely keep up with my own kids’ names. Cut me some slack.}