THings i learned at the circus

I attended a meet and greet for a Democratic party candidate for governor in my state. I wanted to see how the Left sees the current moment. What I learned:

  • You suckers are complaining about CRT and sex grooming books in school libraries. The Left has moved on from that. They see schools as “catch alls” to address issues from mental health to jobs to climate change to “equity” to infrastructure to government funded childcare. Mental health is the big ticket though. Public schools are a highway into your home. They plan on driving it at 100 miles per hour to make sure you are raising your children correctly. Your children might be crazy. You are probably crazy. The Left plans on using surveillance at public schools to find out if you’re a good parent who holds to all of the beliefs the Left believes you should have. Argue about curricula and books all you want – the most pressing issue in education for the Left is you.
  • The candidate and the audience were interested in policy but were far more interested in power and what they will do with it if the get it. The Republican events I’ve attended that are equivalent to this one have been mostly (solely) concerned with policy and winning arguments. In contrast, the people at this event were concerned with governing i.e. what they would do the power given them by voters. They were not bothered about terminology or the correct formulation of an argument. They were focused on how they install/impose their views on the populace. I don’t fault them for that. It shows the difference in the parties. One party is consumed with looking like they know what they are talking about while the other party is taken up with using authority to bring about results.
  • The event itself was the product of the junction between city government, grant writers, and well heeled beneficiaries. The hustle works like this: The Left controls the mayoralty and city council of a town. That town employs grant writers who write grants for insiders to get federal money to enhance their businesses or plans for business. The grant writer in turn introduces those people to a candidate who solicits cash to run for office. The Left uses your money to finance its machine. It’s simple and beautiful. While you’re watching Tucker and getting agitated the Left is piling each small gain in every small office into a large pile of cash and influence to finance campaigns and politicians who will rule you. Do you know who is on your school board? City council? Community development organizations? Water boards? Of course you don’t. The Left does though.
  • I did my best at sabotage. The candidate we met is black. He’s a biography candidate. His parents were sharecroppers etc. He’s a nice, non-threatening guy. You’d want him for your neighbor. The AWFLs love him. I cornered him before I left. I gave him my biography. I told him how illegal immigration was a big contributor to the disintegration of the black community of south Los Angeles. I talked to him about how appalling it was that no black elected leader has spoken out against the Biden administration’s plan to pay $450K per person to illegal immigrants for family separation. I told him he had an opportunity to make a big name for himself if he stood up to his party over the issue if not in the name of reparations at least on the behalf of the Democratic party’s most loyal voters. I was the last voice in his ear for the night. He saw the possibility in what I was suggesting. He said he would be thinking about it on his journey home that night. I told him it was the right thing to do even if it blew up his campaign and I tried to sell him on the idea of martyrdom. I didn’t get him to put on the bomb vest but I at least got him to look it over. If there is a distant explosion in the political world that takes out a leftwing candidate, well, you can thank your humble blog writer.

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