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Kelly Williams-Bolar – Education Thief

In light of what we’ve all seen from the Rittenhouse prosecution team, I’d like to reaffirm what I wrote in this post.

Now, on to today’s post:

I am pleased to see (a few) parents waking up to the realization that the public school system is a hell hole in which young minds are terrorized and young souls are conscripted into service of an evil ideology. I wish there were millions more arriving at that conclusion.

I also wish I could refrain from yelling “told you so” at the top of my lungs but I can’t. You know me. I don’t have that type of gentlemanly decorum.

I’ve written and podcasted about Kelly Williams-Bolar in more forums than I can remember. I’m not going to recount her story again (at least not today). You can search her name online and read about how she was prosecuted and jailed by the state of Ohio for sending her children to the wrong public school. She had to be pardoned by then Ohio governor John Kasich to escape the scabby clutches of the law. Williams-Bolar used her father’s address in order to enroll her children in a “better” public school and for that the state charged her with “Educational Theft” – as if learning occurs in public schools. It was a shocking disgrace that was overlooked by the education reformers and chatterers on the Right. Look it up yourself so you can follow the advanced discussion I’m going to have about it on a Chocolate City Blues podcast episode soon, Lord willing.

The CRT war has also revealed the Blue doesn’t give 1/73rd of a damn about your civil rights. When told to arrest complaining parents, it does. When asked to spy on complaining parents, it complies. The Blue you back is merely an instrument of whichever ideological force rules. Since the ruling class in most of this country is comprised of people who don’t like this country, blindly backing the Blue is dangerously naive.

In the meantime, while I wait for more eyeballs to lose their scales, I’m anticipating the cacophony that is going to erupt when the general public understands the implications of the bill the Communist-Democratic party just passed that uncaps the number of green cards the tech industry can hand out. When most people think of illegal immigration they think of Mexico and our southern border. When most people think of legal immigration they think of the Statue of Liberty and endearing naturalization ceremonies. I got news for you, Homie. The number of people in this country on work visas, student visas, and green cards dwarfs whatever number of people have slipped over our border. These legal serfs often overstay their visas and use their visas and green cards for purposes they are not meant for. The visas and green cards allow them to melt into society. They take jobs Americans can do, will do, and take out crippling student loan debt to do. Despite suppressing the wages of the fields they dominate the serfs have higher incomes than you, live in nicer houses than you, and drive nicer cars than you. They have better health insurance plans than you and more money saved for retirement. I suspect many of these imported serfs vote in our elections.

The serfs don’t commit crimes and they are not a net burden on our social welfare programs so they go unnoticed by the public. Our alien Regime knows and loves them, though, for how compliant, interchangeable and unconcerned about quaint artifacts like the Bill of Rights they are. Our government and our financial institutions have sold us out to a degree of which most citizens have only begun to sketch the edges. At the risk of self-incrimination I’ll not say more. Getting convicted by Twitter is one thing. Facing actual prosecution is another. The pitch, intensity, and timbre of the din in public conversation will let me know you’ve finally seen what I’ve seen

The 1960s Civil Rights Movement (may it rest in peace) was about equal opportunity in jobs, education, and housing. Any new movement – especially one emanating from whatever composes the Right these days – needs to have that same kind of targeted focus. I would suggest jobs (immigration, trade, wages), education (breaking the State education monopoly) and policing (state and federal prosecutors, local and federal police). Enough of the schoolyard talk about a national divorce or civil war. You want to go to war? Homeschool or make it possible for someone else to do it. Get onto civilian police review boards. Find out what your local DA and judges are up to in court. Get an AG in office who will make banks such as Chase and Wells Fargo open their books. Taking a bullet is easier than doing any of that and the reason so few try but that is where the fight is.

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