Too Manly for twitter

Mr. Levine

I was suspended from Twitter tonight for “hateful conduct”. By which, Twitter means I called Rachel Levine (who is a man) a man. They’ve locked me out until tomorrow. At the end of my suspension I’m sure I’ll be required to delete the offensively obvious statement I made in order to unlock my account. If that is the case then I won’t have a Twitter account any longer. I don’t care to tweet so much that I’ll deny reality to maintain my cyberspace presence. I’m on that hell infused site too much anyway.

I’ve had many different accounts since I joined Twitter in 2010. I start and stop when I think I’m spending too much time online. Twitter was a place for daily laughs back in 2010. Chortles Weakly was my foil and it was a lot a fun. Now, I mainly use Jack Dorsey’s soul swallowing invention to fume in public. It’s not a good look as they say. I promise you I’m not as angry and sarcastic in real life as on my timeline. The suspension will be a needed break from the despair inducing gloom Twitter produces.

I’ll have a funny Twitter epitaph. My tweet stating that Rachel Levine is a man was liked and then replied to by another account with the question, “How long before Twitter kicks off us plebes for tweets like [yours]?’

I responded, “About 20 minutes.”

As near as I can tell it took 50.

Readers can always find me here. A Twitter ban would be a boon for my essays. Writing in 160 characters has probably atrophied my mind.

If the Twitter Lords allow me the privilege of tweeting again then it will be a short lived reprieve. Rachel Levine is a man. He was born with male chromosomes. He will die with male chromosomes. It is his nature. Nobody named Jack Dorsey and nobody working for Jack Dorsey is going to stop me from pointing that out to the sick and confused masses who populate America.

It was always going to be a short marriage between me and social media. I’m a you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do guy in a world filling to the brim with people itching to do just that.

One thought on “Too Manly for twitter

  1. I left Twitter long ago to join the Rebel forces in a galaxy far, far, away. Yes, the Dark Side has a strong pull BUT I refuse to give into the hate.


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