Whistlin’ dixie

I don’t see any evidence you can run a country. 

The same people who for decades blithely  ignored daily, public evidence about public schools being pits of depravity and despair want me to entrust my children to their leadership in a new America. 

The same people who would leave their kids in a public school run by semi-literate pedophiles and Communists because to pull the kid out would jam up their financial plans want me to trust they have the moral courage to lead. 

The same men who can tell me all about the Miami Dolphins’  2018  fourth round pick  but don’t know their elected representative has been voting to send their daughters into combat is going to protect my wife and daughters. 

Save it for your Amazon book, brother. There is no way I’m signing up for any of that.

The same electorate who were insensate to the cries of people pointing out the corruption of law enforcement from the feds to the locals want me to put them in charge of a new American criminal justice system.

The same people who call the Left “sheep” but send Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and a host of other obvious con men back to D.C. to stab them in the back again and again want me to believe they have the political savvy and will to run a government. 

Just recently I’ve been in a meeting where a local representative quite clearly told her constituents to stick it and that she would not fight for them on the issue of vaccine mandates only to hear her described after the meeting as “a real fighter”. I’ve heard politically involved and connected people speak glowingly – this month! –  of Mike Pence as a presidential candidate in 2024. I’m supposed to trust your judgment. Really? 

You are fooling yourselves. You wouldn’t know the time if you walked around wearing clocks across your chest as big as the ones Flavor Flav wore. 

Here – try to think through the following:

  • Satellites –  Is your new country with a large, arable land mass and inherited enemies going to have eyes in the sky for protection and commerce?
  • Navy – Your country will have a coastline I presume. Where are you getting a modern Navy from – the Regime you just left? Joe won’t even give you a pontoon boat. How about a maritime navy – got one of those handy?
  • Currency – What will your fiat currency be worth or are y’all going to tell us to design our own cryptocurrency? How will you capitalize your banks – not for the standard of 1791 but for today’s international commerce?
  • What if the Regime does not allow you to leave peacefully? – Civil wars are not fought by paunchy 50 year old men. You got an Army? Have you taken a good look at the 18-25 year men in your town who would comprise said army? Have you shaken their hand? I have. There are 75 year olds with stronger grips. 
  • Ontology – I know, not a word you use but one you’d better ponder. What I’m asking you is do we share the same moral and philosophical foundation in our thinking?  For example – do you know the difference between gender and sex? Are you sure we all agree that men and women are different? Are we on the same page that no matter the amount of mutilation and cosmetics men can’t be women and should not be addressed as such and women and can’t be men and should not be addressed as such? Are we in accord that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman only? Are we? I’m not sure. This is important. Y’all can get everything materially right in the new America and still be planting the seeds for the next generation of civilizational weeds to choke us out. The cracks where your society separates from Nature is where those weeds grow. 

I’m not trying to put you down or discourage you. I have the same anxiety and anger you have watching the ruin being sown by the ultra-sophisticated barbarians who run our country. Believe me. I feel it. If I put my real thoughts on Twitter the FBI would have me cuffed and headed for an unmapped prison in about twenty minutes. I’m just asking you to stop typing and posting in public about your dreams for sovereignty. Start showing me you’ve thought about the mistakes we’ve all made over the last 30 years and that you’ve learned to think strategically, tactically, and in line with the traditions that made Western Civilization what it was. 

Republics are the ultimate DIY project. Are you ready to put on your tool belt and boots and brown bag it for lunch or do you just like watching fixer upper shows on television?  Are we talking about moving out and building a new house? Are we talking about renovating a few rooms? Turning the garage into a studio apartment? Be honest. Then we can know what path to pursue. 

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