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A clear conscience is necessary for bold action. There are 81 million people (at least) waiting for someone to lead them on the offensive against the Woke, Proto-Commie Regime that runs our nation. The fact that 99.99% of politicians from the center-Left to the far Right have not stepped forward to claim what is every politico’s dream – unquestioned leader of a massive movement – should tell you a couple of things. One, it should tell you how powerful the Regime is. None dare challenge it. The .01% who do, do so from a defensive perspective to protect the people in their charge. There is no activity taking place to organize a counter offensive against the Regime.  Two, it should tell you that even your most favortist guy or gal in office has a moral or ethical compromise somewhere they believe the Regime can play against them. 

With that in mind, while I sip my tea and eat some pumpkin bread, here are some things from the top of my head that you should know and not forget in the coming months and years:

  • The Regime almost completely controls the Republican Party at the national level. For many years GOP leadership in D.C. has been playing its voters for chumps. Most of you know that now. You started catching on during the limp wristed Boehner years. Some of you are still fooled by committee hearing posturing or tough talking appearances on Tucker or Hannity. Give up that illusion. Rand Paul’s line of questioning for Dr. Fauci might be real but outside of that you need to understand that congressional hearings are heavily scripted. I know. I used to write testimony for witnesses. Hell, I wrote the questions and the answers. The Rep or the Senator just read what is placed in front of them. The witness, after several hours of practice,  recites the answer. You all sit at home looking at C-SPAN or clips on the internet thinking you are watching a pursuit of truth. What you are really watching is a knockoff version of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Grandstanding during hearings is merely one of many ways they try to fool the rubes that vote for them. Stop going for it. A serious opposition party with 50 Senators would have blocked every Biden nominee and every Biden bill until all of the January 6 protestors were out of jail. It would have added to that demand a call for the resignation of prosecution of Dr. Fauci and the resignation of every general and State Department/security head involved with the Afghanistan disaster. No bills or nominees until those are done. It would not be hard. They would have 81 million people supporting them with their voices and their cash. The fact that hundreds of elected politicians are not taking the easy path to popularity should be as strong a signal to you that something is deeply wrong as your dog running away from raw meat. 
  • If your governor is not demanding an anti-vaccine mandate bill to include private employers from his or her legislature – know that he or she is on the other side. Same goes for stopping the trans demons from maiming children. Same goes for voter ID/ballot security laws. Another red flag is if your governor raised his hand to take in Afghan refugees without the precondition of knowing exactly who they were getting. At the least that should signal to you he lacks judgement and is looking to be liked by the Regime. 
  • Until proven otherwise by concrete action, assume large corporations (not just tech giants), Senators, Representatives, mid to high ranking members of the executive agencies, judges, university department heads, governors, and leaders in state chambers are on China’s payroll. Story after story has shown Chinese penetration of our political, business, academic, media, and entertainment systems. If you’re not hip just look up stories about university researchers secretly working for China or stories about news organizations taking Chinese money to surreptitiously place the opinion of the Chinese government on their pages. Those are the tip of the iceberg. 
  • The Constitution and the Bill of Rights does not apply to you automatically anymore if you don’t hold the correct opinions. You must use force to garner their protections. By correct opinions, I’m not even referring to Left/Right distinctions. It is more about nature and the created order at this point. It is about noticing corruption and speaking up about what you see. Lefties in good standing who will dare to say men can’t be women or it’s obvious the Wuhan virus is man made are just as subject to the metaphorical gulags as the guy still walking around in a red MAGA hat. 
  • Hardball is being played for keeps against any elite who might be thinking of challenging the     status quo. The outlandish deaths of Epstein and McAfee were warnings. Nothing about the demise of either man says they were suicides. Anyone with eyes knows this. The fact that inconsistencies that blatant and gross are being called out but allowed to stand without rebuttal from the Regime is high level intimidation. Knowing that they know we know is the point. 
  • The first governor who makes the public effort to rally other governors and states against the Regime is The Guy. The first high profile Republican who jumps from the GOP to rally people to a new political organization to fight the Regime is The Guy. Until you see that from someone consider the rest of these people pretenders. 
  • We need mass defiance against vaccine passports. Organize it in your area if you have like minded people. It’s easy to say “don’t comply” but it’s hard to pull off as an individual. If we want to regain our individual rights we need to act collectively. One person on video being escorted from a building for not wearing a mask or having a vaxx card is a whiner. One hundred maskless people without vaxx cards at a building won’t be escorted out. The Regime has upped the ante. They’re going after your jobs; your ability to feed, clothe, and shelter your family. We have to respond. Yes, that is hard. It is uncomfortable. It is not how you are used to thinking. But you either fight today or resign yourself to an alien and cruel tyranny and your children to slavery. 

Have a nice day!

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