Men of a Certain Persuasion

Amazon Prime runs a documentary series called All or Nothing which provides a season long look behind the scenes at sports teams from all over the world. They’ve covered teams ranging from the New Zealand All Blacks rugby squad to the University of Michigan football team. Being that I’m in my 50s now and no more athletic than a lamp stand my interest in the shows is captured by the managers and coaches. 

In 2019 All or Nothing followed the Brazilian national soccer team during its preparation for and play in the Copa America – South America’s soccer championship. The manager – Adenor Leonardo Bacchi aka Tite — was remarkable. Managing Brazil’s national soccer team is one of the most pressurized jobs in the world outside of combat. Managing Brazil’s soccer team in a major competition hosted by Brazil after Brazil has been humiliated in the most recent World Cup – the spot Tite was in — has to age a man ten years a day. 

Tite had to pick the team – no small task since Brazil has an international star on every corner and picking one over another left him open for an eternity of second guessing. He had to shield them from the acute scrutiny of a disappointed public and a doubting press. He had to resuscitate the confidence in men who had either been on the team that lost 8-0 to Germany in the prior World Cup or had watched the game in disbelief. He had to tell the super stars he selected the truth about where they were as a soccer squad without offending or bruising any egos. He had to make difficult tactical and strategic decisions on the fly. Above all, he had to win the tournament. 

I was tuning in to see Tite deliver a master class on soccer strategy and alignments. What I saw instead was a man who used every occasion to talk to his team corporately and individually about courage. He talked about it in team meetings. He would go player by player before they took the field and pronounce what sounded like a benediction to each player which Tite ended by saying “coragem, coragem” (courage, courage).  He didn’t call them cowards. He told them to find courage. It was in them. They had to employ it. If they couldn’t find it individually then they could borrow it from a teammate. 

It was something to see a man on one of the biggest stages in the world talk unabashedly about love (for the game, for teammates, for family, for nation) , joy (in preparation, in battle, in victory) and courage. 

Brazil won the tournament. They have a stacked team. They were at home. They didn’t have to play against arch-rival Argentina. Yes, they had advantages but what Tite saw was none of them mattered if the team lacked courage in the face of rushing, fanatic rivals. 

I thought about Tite when I read Peachy write about Caitlyn Jenner.  Peachy Keenan is a fine writer and a fun read at the American Mind blog. I look forward to her essays and I’ll read anything she writes even if she just copies from the back of a soup can. Recently, she wrote about her trip to CPAC and her encounter with Caitlyn. I was expecting courage from Peachy and was disappointed. 

At the start of the essay she seemed to be going out of her way to avoid using any pronouns to name Mr. Jenner. She settled upon housefrau. It was meant as a joke but it made me wonder if the joke was a deflection. She writes in the American Mind for the Claremont Institute. The Claremonters have made it bracingly clear they are about defending and restoring the American Way of Life. Mutilated men flouncing around in blouses are a direct challenge to traditional American ways. Would Peachy do it? Would she correctly label Caitlyn the man that he is and always has been? No, she folded. Caitlyn was a  “her” in Peachy’s telling. 

I called Peachy out about the pronoun flop on Twitter. She denied it then said it was a slip then flippantly invited me to sue her. It was a laugh. 

I don’t think it was a slip. Peachy is a better writer than most by miles and miles. I wish I had  half her skill. I don’t think she makes elementary errors like that. Frau. Her. Those were her internalized beliefs in pixels. A slip would be to call Caitlyn, Bruce. Maybe it’s different if you’re not at the age where you can remember Bruce Jenner being the epitome of American male athleticism. Maybe. Slip ups are corrected and as I type this Caitlyn Jenner remains “her” on the pages of a blog dedicated to fending off the psycho-sexually damaged mobs of the Left. 

Peachy likes to talk about laughing and having a good time in the Gulag. But Gulag tactics have preceded the actual Gulag compounds and she buckled from the comfort of her home. We’ve all been compromised in some way by the sexual revolution. We’ve made concessions  (personally, professionally, socially) or we’ve participated so I don’t blame her for coming up short in describing Caitlyn Jenner.

If Pink State tyranny is an existential threat to the American republic then every word counts.  

Black Lives Matter stood over black corpses yelling all cops are bastards and that America is irredeemable knowing the propaganda outlets functioning as press would amplify its voice. BLM used that acclaim to push a trans agenda down the throats of black people specifically and America generally. It is obvious now even to people not paying attention that BLM is not a black civil rights organization.  It is a Marxist-Transgender political unit steeped in unrepentant graft. It is a Trojan horse inside a Trojan horse. It has weaponized sexual dysphoria and mental illness against main street America. We’re still at the hot rhetoric stage. No bullets are flying, yet, so adopting the warped language of the enemy should be avoided at all times.

Obergfell was wrongly decided and should be reversed. Men cannot be women and women cannot be men. If you hesitate and stumble at saying that in public when it counts then don’t talk to me about your AR-15s or wave your Gadsden flag in my face or tweet insouciantly about life in the Gulag the Left is preparing for you because I already know you lack what is needed for the critical hours ahead.

We’re all Winston Smith in the dungeons of the Ministry of Love and O’Brien is holding up four fingers insisting that we say he is holding up five.



Ann Coulter tweeted out an article about the plague on American society that is blacks and Jews which included these words:  “… there’s a core of blacks who’ll never stop being criminals and underachievers. I’m not talking about all blacks. But at the core of the community exists an unsalvageable rot—low IQ, low impulse control, high criminality.”  [emphasis mine]. 

Ann doesn’t matter anymore. Not like she did. At least to the Right. She is still an avatar of what conservatives think to those outside the Right, however, and that column is what she chose to present to them. She writes for the online publication that originally posted that trash. (So has Mark Steyn – who does still matter).

I understand we’re in an ideological cold war so we can’t shoot anyone in our foxhole. But is she (and the writer of the awful piece) in our foxhole? Calling people unsalvageable rot is well beyond provocative polemics. It is an intentional defacement of the image of God in your fellow man. That view of human beings is not far away from the view hard core pornagraphers have of women – meat sacks to be used and thrown away. 

TPUSA banned a pornographer (rightly) from a conference for teens and young adults. Do we have the courage to ban people who describe people as unsalvageable rot from our ranks? The man who wrote the piece has been banned a couple of times in his career already but keeps coming back. He seems to have a firm foothold now with Ann being a fellow staffer boosting his signal. 

Ms. Coulter says she is a member of a Presbyterian church in good standing. I don’t recall reading about men being able to pronounce other men “unsalvageable rot” in any of the Presbyterian confessions. Maybe she didn’t read the article she commended to her 1.9 million followers.   

The Right says it is  going to re-found America or reform America. It is going to fight off the Regime but it seems as if the Right is building or remodeling a house that has no room for black people. That is a mistake. The reality is black Americans are the living picture of redemption – the ultimate conformation of re-founding or reforming. I know. I see the same videos you do on social media. It takes a lot to believe that we are a jewel in American’s crown but we are. American freed its slaves and made them richer than 99% of the world’s population. That is a fact. 

The Left says our very existence here is a stain on the country. That is another way of calling us “unsalvageable rot”. The Left is determined to never see us as their fellow citizens and is determined to make us as bitter as they are about an America that elevated us to equal footing with them. 

Contempt for the principle of equality under the law is one of the distinguishing marks of this Regime. It makes conservatives dizzy with fury. But listen up and remember:  Equality under the law presumes respect for the humanity of your fellow citizens. There is no room for the rhetoric Ann Coulter mainstreams into the Right. Respect us. All of us. Make room for us. All of us. You brought us here. You gave us your name. You fathered children by us. You went to war for our liberty. Do you regret it now? It seems you do. 

Prove me wrong. Remove the slandering and vicious from your ranks even if it costs you an ally. 


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