Complete Sentences

The public housing both parties will fund just for your dumb black ass.

What up, Cuz?

Where my Piru Homies at?

Y’all are going to jail.

I’m saying my goodbyes today because it is unlikely I will see you again in this life after you’ve spent 50 years busting rocks on a west Texas chain gang. 

The man who wrote the 1994 Crime Bill that locked up your brothers, uncles, cousins, and sons until just a couple years ago is President of the United States now. His Vice-President made her bones locking up black men. Yet, here you go again. 

I’m not only referring to the spectacular shoot outs in Washington D.C. at the Nationals’ baseball game or in front of crowded restaurants on the affluent side of town. I’m also referring to the dramatic rise of crime in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Oakland, Seattle and every mid to major city in America. 

You’re punching old men and old woman in the face on public sidewalks. You’re shooting babies, toddlers, and innocent bystanders. 

We’re all ready for you to go to jail and your present day allies and excuse makers in the Democratic Party are going to be the ones who write the bills with the jail terms you will have to serve. 

Specifically, it’s going to be Kamala and she can’t wait. You are her Golden Ticket to the Presidency because the Democratic Party will need cover for their role in locking you away and hers  is the perfect “black” face to implement the mass incarceration of your black asses. The Hindu-Canuck from Montreal is going to ride your dumb, criminally disposed selves all the way to Civil Rights glory. You’re being reckless and stupid in public and America does not care about your sob stories anymore.

The pudgy, college white girls who led all the BLM marches in your town are not going to be around for you when Queen Boss Kamala slaps the cuffs on your bony, tattooed wrists. The Sisterhood will close ranks around their right to enjoy Mexican food and baseball games in peace. 

The 2024 Crime Bill will make the 1994 Crime Bill look like after school detention.

It would all make for high comedy if not for the tragedy of the lives you’ve shattered – the victims and their families and the the relatives you leave behind to carry on in shame and disappointment. 

The great painter, Norman Lewis, said it is the job of artists to show what should have been. I’m going to do my best to do that with words. Not my words but the words of black leaders past. You have been coddled and shielded by the psychologically damaged and morally corrupted class that passes as black leadership in 2021. That is not the historical nature of our people. There has never been responsible black leadership in America that did not address black crime.

Violence and crime seem to run riot, and the press here appear to delight in parading our offenses whenever committed or charged before the people of the Capitol, thus strengthening opinion and sentiment against us as a class while our colored people instead of doing what they might to stem the torrents are engaged in discussing the question as to which party is likely to give the colored people the most offices . . . “ –  Frederick Douglass, Letter to Francis Grimke, 1896

“. . . efforts should first be directed toward a lessening of Negro crime; no doubt the amount of crime imputed to the race is exaggerated, no doubt features of the Negro’s environment over which he has no control, excuse much that is committed; but beyond all this the amount of crime that can without doubt rightly be laid at the door of the Philadelphia Negro is large and is a menace to civilized people. Efforts to stop this crime must commence in Negro homes; they must cease to be, as they often are, breeders of idleness . . . It is right that Negro boys and girls should desire to rise as high in the world as their ability and just desert entitle them. They should ever be encouraged and urged to do so, although they should be taught also that idleness and crime are beneath and not above the lowest work.”  – W.E.B. Dubois, The Philadelphia Negro, 1901

The manhood of the race is going to weeds – going to waste. Go up and down the streets in Negro ghettos and see for yourself. Social deterioration has set in. Negro men are entirely too idle and they are entirely too satisfied at being idle. They are doing too much sitting down, hanging out and hanging around. Men cannot be made under these conditions, they are unmade.”  —  Nannie Burroughs,  Pittsburgh Courier “Says Manhood, Patriotism, Religion Going Out of Style Among Negroes”, 1932

“And another thing my friends, we kill each other too much. We cut up each other too much There is something that we can do. We’ve got to go down in the quiet hour and think about this thing. We’ve got to lift our moral standards at every hand, at every point. You may not have a Ph.D. degree; you may not have an M.A. degree; you may not have an A.B. degree. But the great thing about life is that any man can be good, and honest, and ethical, and moral, and can have character.”  — Martin Luther King Jr. “Some Things We Must Do”, 1957

Those are the types of messages you should have heard growing up in what should be the Golden Era of our Promised Land. You haven’t because we haven’t had responsible black leadership for 60 years.  Consider those quotes before the giggling fraud sends her federalized posse to your doorstep. 

Here is another obvious truth black people seem to have missed: We can no longer rely upon the American public to extend civic grace over your foolishness.  The American polity that knew deep down we had been dealt a bad hand has been significantly altered. People from Guatemala, The Sudan, Nigeria, Haiti, China, India,  or Pakistan don’t give two dead flies about slavery or Jim Crow.  Many come from countries where slavery is still practiced and Jim Crow would be a societal improvement.  They have left that behind and legally or illegally they are here as your countrymen. You are the threat to them today. The iron bars of the penitentiary between you and them will be to them as significant and symbolic as the Statue of Liberty was to immigrants past. 

Hear it clearly young buck – the George Floyd statue on Martin Luther King, Jr. boulevard in your town is the last  form of reparations  or public good will you are going to see. When you get out of the joint in forty years as a thin, gray, old man neither your baby mama nor your children will be there to greet you. It’ll be your parole officer from Phnom Penh. He’ll have his own American story and it won’t feature you at all. 

Do better black man. I know after twelve years in public schools often the only sentences you can complete are prison sentences. But in this hour of chaos the black steel required from you is to be found in the spine of of your moral character not in the pistol you brandish at women and children. 

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