It Is Not About Your Potato Salad Recipe

Texas cookouts have been elevated to a federal holiday and we now have bi-partisan support for your Uncle Eddie’s mediocre grilling skills and for loudly jamming Earth Wind and Fire at the local park. It is 2021 and Juneteenth represents the zenith of black political power. 

Black people are supposed to be happy about this development.

I regret to have to inform you that this is a scam. It is yet another ploy by the Left to keep its most loyal voting base safe from poaching. 

Judging from various Twitter feeds (it is not advisable to read too much into Twitter, I know) it appears I’m going to have to explain some obvious truths. That’s okay! I’m here to help. 

I’ll start by putting you at ease. I am glad slavery was abolished in the United States. I personally benefitted from that change. I am sad that the slaves in Texas did not find out until after the Civil War had been over for weeks. 

I have to tell you, though, that there were quite a few irregularities in Texas slavery. The major problem for Texas slaveholders was the presence of free Mexicans. Black slaves would hang out with Mexicans, learn Spanish, and disappear across the border into Mexico. One of them, William Henry Ellis aka Guillermo Enrique Eliseo became quite wealthy, owning a home on Park Avenue and becoming a trader on Wall Street. Maybe the feds should move Cinco de Mayo to black history month.

Back to what happened this week. 

The emancipation of the black slaves through political and social pressure, war, and then law is a fantastic American story. Emancipation should be celebrated as an American holiday. But that is not what this recent elevation of Juneteenth is. The Left talks loudly about reparations. So loudly that its black base believes the federal treasury under a Democratic regime is one day going to cut checks to black people as back pay for slavery. The Left is not going to do that, however,  because it would be political suicide. So, the Left makes every symbolic gesture it can short of paying out trillions of dollars in reparations. 

Mothers – you understand this. What would you tell your daughter about the ultimate plans of a man who will buy her anything except a wedding ring or take her to meet anyone except his parents? That is what Juneteenth is in the relationship between black voters and the Democratic Party – a shiny bauble designed to keep pleasure separated from commitment. 

Notice how the law was tied to the George Floyd tragedy? The unveiling of a George Floyd statue in Newark on the same day Juneteenth became a national holiday was not a lucky coincidence. It is a signal that Juneteenth and black victimhood will be forever tied together. 

For the black Left, Juneteenth is a step towards wealth confiscation in the name of racial equity. 

For the white Left, Juneteenth is one of the few pressure valves it has remaining to divert the rising steam of reparations talk.

The machinations of the febrile Left weren’t the only reason my head was in my hands all day yesterday (Thursday). The black conservative class – which I have already discussed as a shallow and bumbling group – was in rare form when acting President Joe Biden signed Juneteenth into law. They were euphoric over the ass kicking the Left had just handed them. It was unbelievable to read their joyful ejaculations on social media – as if they had won an important victory when they had just ceded Republican emancipation of black slaves from the Democratic South to the Democratic Party. They are completely blind to the current all out ideological and partisan war happening in America. The bigoted Left stole the foundation of why they are Republican and conservatives  from them (the GOP is the historic home of black Americans) and they threw a party for the thieves. Many of the black conservatives you admire are high character, high quality people but you have to start holding them to account for their failures and for not even knowing which direction the front line is. 

Black conservatives could have proposed Emancipation Day to commemorate the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments along with Frederick Douglass. They didn’t. 

The Republican Party had 126 years to work towards a federal holiday to celebrate the end of slavery. It didn’t. 

It was not important to either of them. 

Stupidly, many white conservatives ran headlong into the trap the Left had set for them by seeming to object to a holiday celebrating emancipation making them look – once more. – like race obsessed bigots who don’t care a whit about the concerns of black Americans. Their criticisms weren’t off base but they were coming from people who previously had been silent and oblivious to the entire issue. 

Towards the end of the day black conservatives pointed out how President Trump had made creating a Juneteenth  federal holiday part of his Platinum Plan for Black America. This was done to “own” the conservatives who opposed the creation of this holiday. It missed the point of the criticism by several dozen astronomical units. 

What we have on the calendar now is a yearly paean to black ignorance and victimhood instead of a chance to talk about how black identity is wrapped in the ideals of America. Next June at this time the airwaves and internet will be filled with stories of ignorant, supine blacks crying out for relief at the feet of omnipotent whites. So much so that you will  choke on your hotdogs. 

Juneteenth is a cool reason to have a cookout. I attended several in my high school days.  Mr. C. made the best burgers around and I ate plenty of them but the parties were done by black Texans as a black Texan thing. No one was slighted because it wasn’t’ recognized by the federal government. 

As a black American citizen my documents are the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, the 15 Amendment. My hero is Frederick Douglass. They are your Amendments, too, and Fred D.  belongs to you as well. Erecting Juneteenth upon the prone body of George Floyd so we don’t have to talk about Democrats not keeping promises to repay a debt lessens me. It makes Juneteenth a “black” holiday for former slaves. It keeps me in a separate class of citizenship from you. 

What’s coming in 2022?  Making dominos an Olympic sport? Putting the old, black wives tale “Don’t eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day’ on the back of the Harriet Tubman twenty dollar bill?

You have been had and bamboozled. When Kamala’s Hindu family is celebrating Kwanzaa as a federal holiday in the White House and when the George Floyd Memorial to black career criminals is erected next to Martin Luther King’s statue in Washington D.C. you will have no way to argue against it. The Left owns black identity and can make of it what it wills. You gave them full ownership of it yesterday when you told the rest of us to get in line and applaud the latest round of what White Folks Have Done For Us Dumb Blacks. 

Juneteenth is not an honor. It is a crumb. It is a pat on the head from superior to inferior. 

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