Prince Had a Song Titled International Lover

St. John the Baptist by Kehinde Wiley

Hunter Biden is a dirtbag.

Dirtbags cheat on their wives with their brother’s widow. They father children out of wedlock in affairs with strippers. They snort drugs. They take bribes from enemy powers. 

They call each other Nigger (don’t @ me about the ‘a’). 

In my neck of the woods, it was said people who used that word did it because of a lack of “home training”. It was a sign that you were low class and had no self-respect. 

In 1974, Richard Pryor’s comedy album That Nigger’s Crazy brought a word black people had been trying to kill for a hundred years back to good health. It set a new low for standards of self worth.  When it was released the black community still had enough moral sinew connecting it to be outraged about the title. Having a porn magazine on the coffee table was less offensive than having that album in public view. At least with pornography the user can pretend to be at arms length from the filth by convincing himself the only people being degraded are the actors on the screen. By owning That Nigger’s Crazy there was no escaping you were swimming in the latrine and enjoying it. 

We (black people in the United States of America)  are beyond shame now so our leading entertainers profit from mainstreaming the word. For Hunter – lacking the home training necessary for self-respect or respecting others – adding Nigger to his vocabulary was a natural move. When you’re loaded on the coke you just snorted off a hooker’s belly and it’s all financed by trading on your father’s name what else can you call yourself and your enablers but Nigger? That’s the lifestyle all the leading black rappers promote in rap after rap about Nigger this and Nigger that. Of course Hunter would see himself in those songs. 

Hunter is addicted to titillation and he has been over served this most premium of taboo words by the world’s most celebrated bards. It must be quite a high to be able to use that word knowing no one will ever apply it to you or anyone in your family. Hunter is (probably) not a racist. He is an opportunist and black rappers in pursuit of the world’s riches have sold out their heritage to dirtbags like him.

The issue in this latest lurid eruption from Hunter’s laptop isn’t his use of the N-word or media double standards. That Nigger’s Crazy sells for $9.49 on Amazon. That means despite all the foreign cars and the “drip” and “swag” of the diamonds and the gold rappers nestle into the real peg for their value isn’t even ten bucks. At least when Hunter Biden trades his family dignity he does it with the permission of the “big guy” for millions and for real power. The festering problem for American blacks is no one in any recording studio or record label ever asked us if we wanted to be internationally known as a Nigger. Not for $9.49 anyway.

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