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The Congressional Black Caucus spent Memorial Day weekend on Twitter advertising its comprehensive failure as a black political unit. Tweet after mawkish tweet about the Tulsa race riot and how the luckless black wretches of Tulsa were put down in 1921 and have never recovered. They were cry bullying on social media to escape it being noticed that the Caucus has been around for 50 of those 100 years.

According to the Caucus’s own words about the sorry state of black Tulsans, in the 50 years of its existence it has made no wrongs right. It has not put straight what had been made crooked. One tweet from a black Congressman purported to show that a higher percentage of Tulsa blacks owned homes in 1921 than in 2021. He seemed to believe that alleged fact made a point about racism rather than the feebleness of black political power. 

The Congressional Black Caucus is self-evidently a worthless organization. That is the only sensible reading of the social media posts. 

That is certainly the reading Joe Biden ( a man many believe was elected President of the United States in November 2020) gave them  as he hustled to Tulsa to tell America about helpless blacks and all powerful whites. Race baiters like Joe get excited when blacks publicize their inferiority.

Obviously, the social media campaign was coordinated with the Biden staff. The anniversary of the Greenwood massacre occurring on Memorial Day was too juicy an opportunity to smear America to pass up. It is more residue from the warped 1619 Project. 

Hold on, you’re thinking, this is supposed to be a follow up essay to the one I just wrote about black conservatives. I’m supposed to be telling you about the inadequacies of black conservatives. Well, I just did. 

The Greenwood massacre falling on Memorial Day was a calendric fact accessible to anyone. The Left was ready. It used its black foot soldiers to saturate the political battlefield with TULSA! TULSA! TULSA! all weekend.  Where was a similar effort from black conservatives? 

Politically speaking, this weekend should have been a layup for black conservatives. It was an opportunity to somberly remember the American soldiers lost to the cause of freedom – a cause so large that it eventually had to converge with the cause of black Americans.  All that had to be said was the American ideal of freedom prevails through setbacks on foreign battlefields and setbacks at home. 

Black people did not go to live underground like Morlocks after the race riot. Many rebuilt. Not all but many and their resiliency is the spine of the Civil Rights Movement that eventually defeated Jim Crow. Black conservatives should have had those families and stories lined up and ready to launch for Memorial Day weekend. Instead, what we got from them was reactive talk about opportunity zones. There is no sadder trombone sound than arguing for opportunity zones. 

[Oh, I’m sorry. You like opportunity zones. Well, here’s one side of the problem. Opportunity zones are aimed at entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are a minority of any population. Successful entrepreneurs (the kind that could take full advantage of an opportunity zone) are a minority in the entrepreneur population. So, in effect, conservative outreach to blacks is comprised of pitches to a minority inside a minority inside a minority.  Conservatives lead with that pitch and then wonder in exasperation after the latest election tallies  “Why don’t more blacks vote Republican?”  Yeah, it’s a total mystery.]

Here are other ways black conservatives fail:

Fear of being seen as black. As I noted in a prior essay I understand this fear. White conservatives don’t see or understand the game that gets played. When a foaming at the mouth black Leftist needs to be rebutted the nearest black guy at hand on the Right is needed to provide the refutation  so white conservatives can avoid being labeled a racist. Being black is good in that moment. However, when blacks on the Right start talking about “black issues” outside of the context of attacking the Left then what is wanted from black conservatives is color-blindness. Don’t talk about race issues. That’s what the Left does. 

How far would someone such as Candace Owens get if she made a career of calling out the Right’s obtuse Back the Blue sloganeering? Calling out the Right for supporting multiple, nationally active, university campus organizations but zero such organizations in black neighborhoods? Highlighting the Right’s Drug War response to ghetto cocaine addiction versus the Right’s call for compassion, therapy and proposed litigation against drug companies for poor white’s opioid addiction. The correct answer is: not very far at all. 

Black conservatives fail and are politically worthless because they do not understand what they need to conserve. Black Americans have a tremendous heritage that needs leaders  who appreciate it and defend it. True black nationalism in America (think Richard Allen – Frederick Douglass – Booker Washington – DuBois not Stokely Carmichael – Huey Newton) has always centered on patriotism, Christian morality and brotherly love, and individual intrepidness. Black conservatives should own black history but instead it belongs to arsonists like Hannah Jones now and that is only because talking directly about and to black people is a career killer on the Right. 

Black conservatives are neither salt nor light. Too timid to bite the hand that feeds they miss opportunity to help the Right see its blind spots while being seen by the average black Joe as people who only attack other blacks who appear to be trying to help. The Uncle Tim nonsense only hurts because it is so close to being on the nose. 

They are aligned with the GOP. After freeing the slaves, the Republican Party abandoned black people to Jim Crow. It did so quite publicly. From Hoover’s purging of black state party leaders to the utter disregard of voting rights violations against its most dedicated base the Republican Party made sure black America knew it did not need or want them in the GOP. Black conservatives have no idea how bought and paid for they sound when they go on about the Democrats being the party of slavey and Jim Crow. Who enabled Jim Crow by politically abandoning its targets? Who didn’t fund Reconstruction or put any teeth in the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments?  

Yes, black people should stop voting for Democrats but it does not follow that they should join the Republicans. 

The GOP has been under the spell of the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is addicted to cheap labor from Mexico and Central America legal or otherwise. Cheap labor destroys the economic prospects of black Americans.  Where was the GOP when the black blue collar class was being exchanged like a dead battery? Oh yeah, Opportunity Zones. I forgot. 

In the 90s the Democrats were excited to have to a chance to look tough on crime to help their electoral prospects. A generation of black men were thrown away so people would stop wondering if Bill Clinton was a Commie. It was a political frenzy to see who could propose the toughest and longest sentences. Black conservatives want black people to be mad at the Democrats for that. Democrats were merely responding to what their black voters wanted. As Richard Pryor once said after visiting a prison thinking he was going to meet a bunch of brothers who had been railroaded by the system, “Thank God for prisons!”  

Did the GOP – that great lover of black Americans – ever stop the show to ask what would happen when all those men returned home? How would they get jobs? How would they re-integrate into their communities? Did the GOP ever point out to their Democratic foes that the “super predators” being sent off to prison often had offspring and wives or girlfriends? What happens to those people when 1 in 3 men are gone? In all the righteous fury did anyone speak up for the innocent who would be vulnerable after justice was served?  You know, black people have televisions and smart phones, too. They’ve watched a lot of GOP handwringing over family separation regarding people who are not even citizens. Elephants aren’t the only ones with long memories. 

And there is more. From education policy  to municipal government the GOP has not responded to black voters much differently than the Democratic Party. The Dems are the party of welfare but the GOP Is the party of work and dignity is the standard response. I don’t find that to be true. 

Black people want  the opportunity to build and control the schools in their neighborhoods. The GOP responds with vouchers i.e. government money. Government money that drives up the price of private schools while not paying for the schools blacks would want. It’s the worst possible outcome. 

Black people complain about armed agents of the state abusing them. The GOP responds with unqualified support for government workers i.e. police departments and the state prosecutorial system. The natural tendency of government is to abuse its power except in the case of police departments and district attorneys seems to be the conservative line. Black conservatives have not challenged it. 

I don’t care how many black faces are paraded across the stage at nominating conventions; until black conservatives create an independent political platform do not expect black people to take them seriously

They have poor political acumen. This nation is dotted with ad-hoc black organizations led by credible people who are fed up with crime, dependency, and baby mama culture. How many of them have you heard of from your favorite black conservative personality? How many of them have been promoted on radio, on television, or in print by a major black conservative? Few. There are black heterodox  thinkers in every congressional district represented by a black Democratic lawmaker from Maxine Waters’ to Ayanna Pressley’s. They make the spotlight every few years when one challenges for a House seat. Typically, they struggle to raise money. Black conservatives have been unable to create any platform to identify, train, and promote these people. What black conservatives produce instead are lame efforts to drive blacks into the GOP such as Blexit or the Black Conservative Foundation. 

Having more committed people on your side than your opponent is how elections are won. Define what you are for. Define what your opponents are for. Motivate your side to give their money, their time, and their vote to defeat your foes. Black conservative organizations don’t do any of that well and certainly don’t do any of that in concert. 

The Left gets away with painting blacks as permanent, pitiable victims who lack agency because there is no independent black voice to make them pay for that caricature. When the Left looks at black conservatives it sees the mirror image of the black puppets it employs. You can almost forgive them for believing blacks only exist as channels for white desires. 

The modern Left flourishes on the dead bodies of blacks shot by police. Much of the money that provides its lifeblood is derived from the dismembering of black babies by Planned Parenthood killing stations arrayed in zip codes with large black populations. Where the black bodies are stacked you can find the Left nearby. It is a political coalition of vultures. 

The Left has to be discredited and completely destroyed. Unless they understand what needs conserving and until they have the stones to detach themselves from loser organizations black conservatives will never be up to the task. 

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