Haters and Losers

Watching South Carolina Senator Tim Scott’s performance over the past year has finally and fully me convinced me that black conservatives are politically useless. They are the proverbial knife brought to a gun fight. 

Kamala Harris made a career locking up black men, using them for cheap labor, and keeping them in jail past their release dates. She ran for Senator as an Asian.  She dropped that identity to get in the black victimhood fast lane quicker than she flips her hair.  Now she is the first black female Vice President and half the country will go dizzy with exhilaration the day she takes over for Joe. You think Tim Scott could pull that off? He’s still in hiding because the Left got Until Tim trending on Twitter for a few hours. 

Senator Scott does not possess the teflon coated brashness needed to play ball at the highest levels of politics. Yes, it is easier for Kamala to get by with no ideas, no charisma, and no shame because as a Democrat she has the backing of the world’s largest propaganda machine – the American media. Scott will always be swimming against the tide in that regard but so what? Isn’t his resume – like most black conservatives -built on the fact that he is a heterodox thinker and therefore so, so brave? He should have the petrifying unpredictability of a man with nothing to lose but instead you can count on him to eat his vegetables first and and wait to be excused from the table like a well trained child. 

Black conservatives can’t get credibility with blacks because few have ever learned how to be on offense against the Black Left without sounding like they are working for white folks. 

Black conservatives don’t scare the White Left because it knows there is no price to pay for going Ross Barnett on any black person found out of their assigned political place. Think of a prominent black conservative: The one who wrote all those books. The one with the new television show. The really smart one who is a judge. Even the super sweet one who saved all those kids’ lives. All of their works, writing, and words combined over the last decades haven’t produced enough black voters to fill a Texas high school football stadium. 

I was a black conservative for many years. I know how it goes. It’s easy to get applause when you show you’ve read and memorized the catechism. You start at the bottom of the Project 21 batting order. You move up to get local television hits. You start getting published in a few newspapers. Maybe you even make it to a cable news segment and get invited to talk about race at conservative conferences. That is the career path but it has a definite hierarchy and ceiling. Original thinking is not rewarded. In fact, original thinking on supposed race issues will set your white counterparts to emphasizing your blackness over your conservatism and you’ll be banished to satellite radio (if you’re lucky). And with no army of supporters behind you in the hood or the countryside it becomes best to make sure you are onside with the the rest of the line. 

The Left has been entwining criminality with black culture for about 60 years now. Crime is a “black issue”.  Policing is a “black issue”. Prison reform is a “black issue”. Drug abuse is a “black issue”. The Left is now pretending it wants to get rid of local police to protect the black community. It is outrageous,  insulting, and obviously the precursor to a giant federal police state that would likely imprison more blacks in jail than at any previous point in American history. It is not a hard issue to win but it requires acknowledging the existence of bad policemen. It requires making the case that truly  “backing the Blue”  involves demanding high standards for the Blue. It’s a layup issue for a skilled politician but black conservatives are not skilled politically. They are gifted in parroting not persuading so what happens is Senator Scott cedes all of the Left’s premises in his police reform bill and the Left swats it back in his face with the greatest of ease and the maximum of pleasure. They never had to defend their governance of large cities since the 1950s or why they think black people prefer gangsters to cops. 

It was the worst possible result on the issue of police reform but since he gave the GOP a black face to cower behind when the streets where on fire the dopey Republican Party rewarded Scott with a prime time speaking gig. A few more failures on “black issues” and Scott will be able to raise $100M for his 2024 presidential run. 

A better and more honest path exists. It requires knowing where you stand, how you got there, thick skin, and a preference for combat. I’ll get to it next time. 

Hey – this ain’t Substack. You’re not paying me to write all this down for you. 

Next time, okay? Catch you then.