While I’m trying to puzzle out if I qualify as being able to use the internet since I didn’t vote for Chairman Joe and thus had my blackness revoked let’s have some fun. 

Don’t answer the following: 

If the Ku Klux Klan had been running America’s public schools over the last forty years how would the academic results for blacks in public schools differ from what they are now? 

If the family unit is the basis for a strong and healthy society then isn’t Black Lives Matter more akin to a virus than a civil rights organization?

If the purpose of political leadership in a republic is to produce an agenda or program for the people it represents then why do black elected officials *almost unanimously support mass immigration of low skilled workers?  [*Went with “almost unanimously” just in case I missed one.] 

Who has more street cred – Kamala Harris or Rachel Dolezal?

Name that political leader:

  • He overcame entrenched party interests to become the undisputed leader of a large segment of that same party.
  • He was not even registered to vote in the party he would come to dominate before he began his run. 
  • He won the support of political rivals who did not think he was qualified for office at the beginning of his campaign. 
  • He had no church home but a network of influential churches gave him the momentum and moral authority needed to win support. 
  • Accusations of bigotry did not put a dent in the level of popularity he enjoyed among his supporters. 
  • He was not a supporter of American military intervention. He thought it was important to speak to leaders of rival countries even if they were dictators. 
  • He thought trade deals should be viewed through the prism of what was good for American workers not just American corporations. 

Yep, I’m describing Jesse Jackson’s 1984 run for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Wait. Who did you think I was describing?

Greater mythical African kingdom: Zamunda led by King Jaffe Joffer or Wakanda led by T’Challa/Black Panther? I say Zamunda hands down. If you disagree tell me why in the comments.

Yo, Joe! Can I at least use a pick instead of a brush? I need some sort of concession here. C’mon man!