Coming Up

First, thank you Dominguez Valley Hospital blog readers for following me to this site. The Dominguez Valley Hospital blog will continue here once I get this place cleaned up and ready for visitors.

On the horizon: getting this site fully operational. My goal is to make this a one-stop shop for the blog, The Black History Fashion Show podcast, and the essays I’m going to crank out. Eventually, of course, I hope to all this on my own server so people like Chelsea Handler can’t convert their malicious thoughts into action.

About the essays – I led off the upcoming series with a 6,000 word (give or take) essay on black identity and black nationalism. Don’t worry – I didn’t advocate for a return of the Black Panthers. I wrote about the original, hopeful, optimistic, and determined black nationalism as practiced in the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s the foundation essay for the larger problem you know I love to address – the corrupt, Janus-faced black elite. That’s my corner. I’m staying on it until I’m forcibly removed.

Please buy the essays. They won’t cost you much but they cost me a lot. My work schedule is 7:30am- 6:30pm. I squeeze in time to write something worth reading into whatever time my job and my life leave me. I’m giving you the best I can from the 1:30am – 3:30am slot I have for keyboard time.

The Black History Fashion Show will be back next weekend. I have been avoiding black politicians and politics as much as possible in favor of introducing you to people or events you may not know. That changes with the next few shows. I’m going to talk about three famous black politicians. You might be able to guess one. Think New York, South Carolina, and Illinois. That’s the only hint I’m giving. You’ll have to tune in to find out for sure.

My final word for today is on the looming election. You know what’s coming, right? Massive cheating. Massive confusion. Possibly a lot of chaos and violence. If you’ve been paying attention to this iteration of my blog life and my podcast I’ve been trying to get you ready for life in a ghetto. Ghetto life is constricted, banal, and punctuated with violence. No one cares about you until they want something from you or need you to get out of their way. If Trump wins we’ll have a little more time to get ready and to start building institutions what will sustain us and map the way to our eventual return as citizens. If Biden wins you’ll know from black history that you can have influence and worth even if you don’t have power. Don’t worry – it’s going to be terrible but it will be liberating. You’ll see.

Yes, you read that correctly. I endorsed Trump in the preceding paragraph. I did not vote for him in 2016 for probably the same reasons you didn’t vote for him. I was still a positions and policy voter then. How naive I was. In 2020 I’m voting for him because what’s on the line is not my pet policy stances or ideological holdings. What I’m voting for when I vote for Trump in a couple weeks is a vote for the continuance of the American Constitutional regime. We live in a mostly post-constitutional Republic led by the dumbest and most venal political generation in our history but Trump is the transition from a decadent America into a violent, poor, oppressed, and nakedly authoritarian America. Not enough of us are ready for that slide. Trump’s super power is that he makes his enemies reveal their true intentions. Four more years of President Trump will remove all shadow from the Democratic Party’s transformation into a Communist front and the Republican Party’s role as their enablers.

“How John Birch Society of you, Lester!” is what you’re thinking. Well, I know. It’s ridiculous to type that and I hope I’m wrong but I’m preparing as if I’m not. As Chelsea Handler helpfully pointed out to me today – I’m black. And that means (in the mind of the white Left) I belong to them for as long as this green earth spins around the sun. Ms. Handler is going to begin her torture sessions in the bedroom it seems. That’s where it may start but consult black history and you’ll know that where it ends is typically on the highest usable branch of the sturdiest tree in the field.

As I told you on my Twitter feed a few months ago, when Biden said if you don’t vote for him “You ain’t black”. That wasn’t a gaffe. That was a threat.

Act accordingly.