Sincerely Yours

All it took for the Klan to gain acclamation for burning down black businesses was to do it while wearing black t-shirts emblazoned with Black Lives Matter. 

All the Kluxers needed to do to gain state protection was declare themselves anti-racists (Antira?). They’d have run out of black people to lynch by now if they had come up with this idea in 1920 instead of 2020.  

I wonder what James Baldwin, who famously stated white American’s awareness of racial inequality amounted to knowing “. . . they don’t want to be black”, would think of Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal, and Jessica Krug? 

The White Left really does want to be black. Black as they conceive of being black, that is. Violent. Reckless. Implacably hostile toward America. Hostile toward authority in government, the home, and the church. 

The black character in the latest movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is asked by the white kids forming up a posse to find, fight, and repel the demonic presence killing children in their town to join them. He rejects their recruitment pitch with a nod to the historic separation of the races by saying, “I have to stay the outsider.”

Outsider status is the precious commodity the White Left seeks with all its furious might even as they own the media, the universities, the largest multinational corporations, and most of the federal and state governments. The problem is they can’t openly claim to be morally righteous outsiders as themselves because they believe – just as their terrorist forefathers, the KKK believes – that America is a nation by white people, of white people, and for white people. They have to wear blackness as a costume so they can air their  privileged grievances. That is how blackness becomes valuable as a dynamic political identity rather than remaining a static ethnic marker.  If this continues, one day, maybe soon, this expropriation of blackness will allow for the absurdity of Taylor Swift being inaugurated as the first black, female President of the United States. 

The idea black Americans are 100% American in their tastes, culture, and attitudes is foreign and laughable to the White Left. 

The White Left does not think of us as their equals. They don’t live with us. They don’t shop at our stores. They don’t respect our civil authority unless they control it ideologically or financially. They won’t worship with us if that means submitting to our ecclesiastical authority. 

They don’t care for taking on the black costume if that means living without a political voice in the projects or if it means a black man can tell them to shut up and sit down with real consequences for non-compliance. 

They only want – need – to be us in this moment because we haven’t been acting black correctly. If we won’t burn down our neighborhoods over Trump – they will. If we won’t firebomb and graffiti our business to bring about Communism – they will. If we won’t racially slur and shoot rockets at black cops in order to replace local police departments with federal police – they will. 

Vote for Joe or you ain’t black wasn’t merely an insulting gaffe. It was a threat: be black the way we define it or else. Blacks know we’ve always caught hell by not being black the way white folks tell us to be. 

The White Left cares about White Supremacy the same way the Klan did in that they view White Supremacy not as a problem but as a fact. The sooner us Niggers learn our place (as their servants) the sooner the White Left  won’t have to be out in the streets shouting and lighting fires.