The Life You Save May Be Your Own

If your mind hadn’t been turned into tapioca by social media I wouldn’t have to tell you this but here we are: 

Stop asking “Where is BLM?”  or  “Where is Al Sharpton?” whenever some unfortunate black person is gunned down on a ghetto street (I notice no one ever asks “Where is Jesse Jackson?” anymore in these instances. Poor Jesse.) Black Lives Matter is not an organization concerned about the uplift of black Americans. It is not a civil rights organization. Al Sharpton is not a black leader. If Al had to live off just the contributions of black followers he’d still be in $300 sweatsuits minus the lap band surgery and private jets. I know you know this but yet you can’t help but to open the Twitter app to type out what you think is a damning irony. Stop. You’re looking dumb in public. 

Try this instead: Find the real leaders in that community where the latest tragedy occurred and elevate his or her voice. You’ll actually be promoting real black leadership and people who are trying to stop the horror shows happening in their neighborhoods. 

BLM is a Marxist organization. Black Americans are not Marxists. Oh, you think so? Okay. See if you can get some free weed in the projects or if you can get Lebron to agree to an 80% personal income tax rate.  

Al Sharpton has no constituency in black America. He works for white folks and he gets his power from issues ginned up by the white Left. We’ve been hip to his scam for a long time. Get off Twitter. 

Let me illustrate it a different way. Instead of tweeting about the whereabouts of BLM or Sharpton ask were is Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder or Candace Owens the next time a black 5 year old is caught in the crossfire of rival gangs. Aren’t they black leaders? As such aren’t they just as responsible as BLM or Sharpton to respond to every sensational black murder? You don’t use that rhetorical question and you won’t because you know none of them have a large following in the black community. The only way black people know Sharpton is in town is because they saw it on CNN. The only way to find out if Candace Owens is in town is to read it on a white friend’s Facebook page. And they don’t stay in town anyway. Too dangerous and they don’t know anyone. Does any of that fit the profile of a leader to you?

Leaders are available and accountable. They know and are known by their people. In that sense you can see  none of us – black or white – have any leaders so maybe you should direct the concern in your Twitter posts (presuming it is real concern) towards other subjects.