Conceived In Liberty

If you are alive, black, and reading this page please understand this: America does not owe you a damn thing. All debts have been paid. It certainly does not owe you the arsonist’s pleasure of watching it destroy itself. 

The 13th Amendment gave you all you needed. 

Section 1.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2.

Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The Freedman Bureaus were hindered. True.

Jim Crow was a terror regime. True.

But so what? Your momma was not a slave. Neither was your dad. You were born a free man or woman in the United States of America.  

Those facts alone obliterate your juvenile need to cling to the security blanket of White Supremacy as an excuse for your moral, economic, political, and cultural failings. 

Before you were born Black Power defeated White Supremacy. You missed that in history class or maybe you weren’t paying attention when your grandparents were explaining it to you. Black Power — not the  bead wearing poseurs in leather jackets or dashikis, holding unfired (and probably unloaded) rifles but the prayers in the name of Jesus Christ  by your unlettered ancestors, the steady work and marriages of your beleaguered forefathers and the unwavering belief in the founding documents of this country. That Black Power. That’s what saved you. It made you part of the elect in this world that can be “poor” while reclining in central air, with 500 cable channels to choose from, and wearing three hundred dollars of athletic gear. 

The black backs in 19th century cotton fields provided you with the only platform you need to be successful and to matter in this land: liberty. Civil liberty guaranteed by the federal government of the most powerful nation in world history. Not even its constituent states can violate them. And when they do you have the law (and plenty of lawyers) on your side.  

That is enough to work with if you add a touch of self-respect. Stop calling yourself Nigger. Stop allowing others to get rich from calling you Nigger. Start looking out for the less fortunate among us  who are still trapped in the cycle of public housing, public schooling, and public incarceration. Do things – start academies, start businesses and hire, teach people how to enter the job market. Pray for the next generation just like the prior ones prayed for you to enter this promised land of civic and social opportunity. 

You can follow behind the 1619 train all you want but that’s not responsible use of  freedom. It’s not the leadership America needs you to provide. It is thumb sucking, adult babyhood, waiting for your Great White Father to fix your life. 

Grow up. If you’re “woke” then wake up. 

The 13th Amendment can only do so much if you insist on wearing your own chains.