Huntington Beach

It all went down in Huntington Beach this past Friday when a “large crowd” turned out to protest Governor Gavin Newsom’s decree to shut down Orange County beaches. The people were mad as hell and weren’t going to take it anymore. The people were united. They would never be defeated.

Not one person went in the water.

From the available news footage it doesn’t appear anyone even ventured onto the sand.

What are the stakes again? What were the underlying principles being defended in the battle for Huntington Beach? I’m confused. Because if that “large crowd” out “protesting” was animated by a deep regard for God given liberty as outlined in America’s founding documents and a duty to roll back tyranny then standing on the sidewalk is insufficient.

We need clarity.

The Minutemen of Orange County weren’t protesting – they were complaining. Punctuating your complaint by amassing to wave American flags is not a political statement. You’re mad, bro. We get it. Now go back inside the house and don’t come out until your room is clean – like mom said.

Civil disobedience does not include compliance. It means sitting in the whites only section when your skin is darker than the pixelated font on this screen. It means non-cooperation. It requires getting your feet wet or at least sand between your toes after the state of California insanely arrogated to itself the right to close the Pacific Ocean.

The government — at all levels — has been lying to us about a great many life and death issues for decades now. We – the public – haven’t given five full minutes of hard thought to that. Now, it is being pitched in some quarters that being barred from the beach is going to be the catalyst for citizens to take the duties of citizenship seriously. I’ll believe that when I see thousands of soaked Californians caked with sand being hauled off to the local jail.