Motion Measured As A Product

The Grand Wizard who runs Virginia has a health director who announced that “Phase One” of reopening Virginia could take at least two years. My Twitter timeline was filled with the usual right-wing prescription for Progressive policies — run. Leave. Move somewhere else. And ridicule the Left on your way out of town. In other words, the typical cowardly response from the side that gave up on governing some decades ago. 

How do you conserve anything as the outsider? How do you conserve a community, an institution, a nation if you’re always one offense away from calling the movers? 

You can’t, so you major in memes and mockery and hope no one notices you’d rather live in cow excrement than work a shovel. 

Here’s how the Don’t Tread on Me/Sic Semper Tyrannis side rolls:

The Left infiltrates public schools – get your kids out. 

The Left infiltrates universities – give up teaching, teach at a religious institution, or stay at your university and keep quiet. 

The Left takes over federal agencies — jeer their decisions but don’t fire anyone or disobey their decrees. 

The Left puts crime scene tape around the Pacific Ocean — stay dry at home. 

The guns and the bumper stickers and the talk shows and the think thank papers are just political theater. If every Lefty from AOC to Chuck Schumer resigned tomorrow there would a be a sizable portion of the political Right begging them to return and bribing them with offers of even more power. 

The Right is all about compliance. It’s all about back seat driving. Give the Right the wheel and it’ll ask the left-wing passenger where to go. 

Let me try it this way (again): black America had no business producing people such as Booker Washington, Madame CJ Walker, Rube Foster, Delany Martin, or Martin Luther King Jr. No business at all – except it did – because all slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and lynchings did was create a people who did not give a damn about what white society thought. Rube Foster created an entire sports league. CJ Walker created a business empire out of black hair. W.E.B. Dubois created a political and legal movement. Booker created a college, businesses and black Harlem.  Yes, blacks migrated from the South in such numbers it is called the Great Migration but they weren’t surrendering — they were moving on to create lives and institutions that would serve them. 

American history is filled with many hundreds of people who fought against the prevailing legal and governing tide. If they weren’t black we’d venerate their legacies and use them as blueprints for our current troubles. We’re above that though. We’ve never been sharecroppers and we’ve never lived under Jim Crow so all that could be gained from employing the strategies of the people who did doesn’t apply to our current situation. How about another day of Facebook rage or another smart piece from the Manhattan Institute, instead? That’ll do it. 

Public education is one of many examples of how the Right flexes like Tarzan but punches like Jane. 

This past week, the Right was aflame because Harvard magazine posted an interview with a professor who advocates a ban on homeschooling. The same professor has organized a conference about [against] homeschooling in June.

The crazy Lefties will win this fight in a walk. How do I know? I know because the Left has already criminalized parents making educational choices for their children and the Right has done nothing about it. 

Parents have been put in jail for lying about their address so their kids could attend better (by reputation) public schools. One example is Ohio single mother, Kelly Williams-Bolar, who was sent to jail for using her dad’s address to register her children in a public school that was safer and superior to the local hellhole her children had been consigned to attending. The Republican governor of Ohio – John Kasich – did nothing to help Ms. Bolar (who is black) until the usual race baiters ventured to Ohio to turn the injustice into a racial circus. 

Millions of Americans have fled the public school system because they recognize it for the amoral cesspool of sub-literacy that it is. In other words, people left. They ran. Like usual when you run from an enemy — it chases.  So now, the education and legal elite is openly talking about criminalizing homeschooling.

The response from the Right this week? A conference. Righties will host a seminar about homeschooling at Harvard. Speeches will be made, papers will be circulated and then the Left will realize it’s been wrong about homeschooling all along. Maybe that wish will come true but the Left is talking about governing not about how many homeschoolers can score 1400 on the SAT.  After the Right presents its final Power Point presentation the Left will proceed with grabbing all the real power it can. 

It’ll be seminar versus seminar, conference versus conference, white paper versus white paper all the way until there is a fifty state ban on home education not conducted by a licensed officer of the State under penalty of a five year prison sentence and seizure of your offspring.  Hopefully, the funny memes on social media will provide you with some levity as you watch the deputy’s van pull away with your sons and daughters inside. 

I homeschooled my children from 1st through 12th grade. I have one daughter graduating this May, another in December, and one more who is a college Sophomore. I don’t feel like I won anything. I never felt like I was winning when I was teaching class three hours before my shift started for work or when I was grading papers after work. I didn’t feel like I was wining when my wife had to postpone and slow walk her aspirations to teach on the days I couldn’t. 

I was homeschooling because I had no options. I didn’t have options because losers don’t have options. We lost the public school in our neighborhood decades before we ever moved there. We lost the ability to send our kids to a private school because one income wouldn’t cut it for the type of school worthy of my children. Homeschooling was a defensive measure. It was my family staying in the foxhole because the enemy controlled the battlefield our alleged allies had surrendered. 

The political Right in this country is Malcolm X to the Left’s MLK. Mr. X was witty. He dressed well, was well groomed, and employed forceful rhetoric against his opponents. Debating Malcom was to risk being “owned” in today’s parlance.  But that famous picture of him holding a rifle that has been made into a poster usually emblazoned with his famous phrase, “By any means necessary”? That’s a picture of him hiding. Malcolm X wasn’t a leader — he was the 1960s equivalent of Alex Jones. He was the forerunner to notorious Twitter troll, Stephen Miller. Malcolm was ahead of his time. He would have destroyed people on Twitter ten hours a day and been an MSNBC regular in his spare time. 

In contrast, the real revolutionary leader – King – was out in the streets face to face with his oppressors with thousands of people standing behind him. The real radical took a brick to the head, was arrested many times, opposed from within and without and could still rally hundreds of thousands of people to hear him give a speech. The real revolutionary changed federal law in this country forever. The real revolutionary didn’t win online arguments, he won flesh and blood people to his cause. He won an unconvinced nation to the proposition that all men really are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. He took a bullet to the chest for liberty. The real revolutionary, the real leader, Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t urge his people to run. He didn’t hide. He didn’t pretend rhetoric detached from action was leadership.

Last word on schooling: Lots of  people would like to homeschool but can’t afford it. Lots  of people would like an affordable alternative to public schools. Lots of people would like high grade public education free from the grip of the Progressive ideology.  A real movement with leaders in touch with their people would create institutions that served those groups. But you can’t create while driving a U-Haul to Idaho. And you can’t create lasting institutions while tweeting surrender messages to your digital followers. 

In a prior essay I analogized quarantine life to life in the ghetto. Unjust application of laws. Limited mobility. Conspiracy theories everywhere. Being met with fear and anger when you leave your assigned part of the city. I also wrote that it ain’t a ghetto if you own all the property. This is what I’m telling you – stop conceding civic and social territory to the Left.

Stop cooperating with the mob.

Stop running.