No Place Like America Today

Mute lies America like a grave as its quarantined citizens have been forced to cease from their earthly pursuits. With time to think many are realizing that opening China ultimately meant closing our restaurants, schools, churches, parks, beaches and all the places Americans like to express their freedom of association. Our factories and jobs went on a long vacation to Wuhan and all we got in the deal was a N95 mask (promised but yet to be delivered). 

Our state and federal government institutions, individual politicians, universities, research labs, media outlets, Hollywood stars, and sports leagues have been corrupted by Chinese money. No one represents us or tells us the truth about how we ended up in the condition that if we want even something as small as an aspirin we have to go all the way to China to get it. Meanwhile, fentanyl pours into neighborhoods and no one with the responsibility for stopping it seems to care.

High unemployment. The discovery that where you used to work has been moved away. Where you used to shop is closed. Illegal drugs everywhere killing your loved ones but the legal drugs you need to maintain health are expensive, experimental, or non-existent.  Policed zones where you are permitted to be or else there is trouble. Representatives who give less than a damn about your opinion. Domestic violence on the rise. Schools exposed as merely buildings in which to warehouse small humans. People are powerless and angry.

The shock of Trump’s win in 2016 forced our shadow police state into the open. We learned the FBI, CIA, NSA, and secret federal courts are corrupt and dangerous to ordinary Americans. The surprise of China’s inadvertent (?) germ attack upon the world has revealed how deeply penetrated world organizations and American institutions are by the communist Chinese regime. We see how enervated our industries are, how vampiric our financial economy is, how politicized our press is, how pointless our schools are, and how utterly lacking in wisdom our leaders are.

Welcome, America, to the ghetto.

That’s hyperbolic, of course. Americans are too wealthy and have too long a history of liberty to ever become a continent-wide ghetto in the same sense Watts, Oakland, West Baltimore or Detroit are ghettos. We’ll be back to normal sooner or later. What would be a shame, though, is if this taste of being exploited and shamefully ignored by a malicious elite does not become a catalyst for healthy change in our civic life. 

This is the time for America to generate an inclusive America First political and civic regime. It’s also the time for America to figure out how to retake the stage as the economic, military, and, yes, moral world leader. Expel China and its malevolence back to its polluted provinces and hope the Chinese people reform their government. 

For any readers unnerved about living in a ghetto, I’ll have a post about the most famous ghetto of all —Harlem — up shortly (Lord willing and if the germs don’t catch me first). It wasn’t what you think it was.