Social Accounting

The video of Elizabeth Warren getting wrong-footed by a downscale black woman asking her about charter schools brought back memories of all the times representatives of the white Left explained to me that relying on black intelligence and agency was a bad bet. 

They didn’t say it that way, of course, they were usually very polite when informing me that while they found me to be capable I had to be realistic about the rest of my extended kin. Blacks have no chance outside of the benevolence of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Since they deemed me unusually intelligent (for a black person) it was confusing to them that I disagreed. 

I’ll always remember one extended argument I had with a then California State Assemblyman. He’s having a difficult time of late so I’ll leave his name out of this but I was astonished at how such an intelligent, gentle, and well read man could be so resolute in his belief that black people had no ability to succeed in America. To him it was either the cotton fields or projects for blacks if not for affirmative action and quotas in every aspect of life. No matter how many examples I gave of black social capacity from Boley, Oklahoma to Black Wall Street, to Mother Bethel in Philadelphia to the Negro Leagues or SB Fuller to Madame CJ Walker to Booker T. Washington he was unmoved. He thought I was naming all of the times Haley’s Comet appeared when I was actually pointing to individual stars in a vast sky of stars.  

I regret we didn’t part as friends. I’m quite sure it was my fault because I’m also quite sure I was a couple pegs past obnoxious and exasperated by the end of our talk. No excuse, but I tend to take it personally when people tell me my biggest problem is that I wasn’t born white. I know I have much bigger problems than that so such sentiment tends to eliminate a person from my potential friends list. 

Back to the Cherokee Princess and her adventures with actual natives — Warren lied because what she really thinks of black folks would be political suicide if she said it out loud. The Assemblyman only let his hair down with me because we were in the office of one his good friends, I wasn’t holding a tape recorder, and there were no such things as smart phones and social media at the time. I was in my early 20s. He was in his 40s. He thought he was explaining life to a naive young man in need of a dose of reality.

 Warren didn’t lie just because that is the natural reflex of a politician. She lied because she thought it was the kindest way out of the encounter. It would not have been nice to acknowledge that her son went to a private school because the Warrens have the cash to afford it. Why rub your privilege in the anguished, black face of a social inferior? Elizabeth Warren has better manners than that. 

Democrats never talk about blacks thriving and prospering in America. They primarily see us as beleaguered victims trying to survive an unfair circumstance. That’s why their policies are palliative in nature because what really ails black folk is God’s fault and it would be rude to point that out to such a religious people.