Today Kunte Kinta made a reappearance into American culture. Fittingly, the fictional Mr. Kinta was resurrected by a fake Civil Rights leader and professional workout video purveyor, Colin Kaepernick. Mr. Kaepernick, who is on Nike’s payroll because he can grow a very impressive Afro, wore a T-shirt with Kunte Kinta printed on it to his sham tryout for the National Football League. 

How’d we (black America) get here — to the summit of stupidity?  By being whores, that’s how. 

In the 1920s the GOP said to black America, “You gotta get out of this house. You’re bringing the property value down.” [See: Herbert Hoover’s “Lily White” strategy and W.E.B. DuBois’s reaction to it in The Crisis.]

Northern Democrats took us in and after a little taste of federal coddling black leadership gladly sold our votes and political voice  for the thrill of being able to play the role of America’s racial conscience. The black poor were pimped for public housing and food stamps. The Left put a habit and a gold cross on a madam and made America think the change of outfits conferred moral authority to a prostitute. Turns out the Promised Land is filled with brothels. 

The political scam is on borrowed time as mass immigration has the Left eyeing brown bodies poring over the border as the new hotness in town. Black politicians are on legacy scholarships as the energy in their districts move from basketball gyms to soccer fields. Barack Obama represented the apotheosis of a century of black political leadership —  a half African with no connection to the history of black America spent eight years studiously ignoring the suffering of the people who supported him the most fervently. He wore Michelle on his arm as an amulet to steal credibility he didn’t have. 

It’s time for a new grift because the black aristocracy is not going to get real jobs. The Sports/Entertainment Complex has cash to burn and pushing its interests allows elite blacks to keep their kids in tony private school and to keep wearing the mantle of freedom fighters. Enter the worlds most famous second string quarterback. Get paid to pose not play. Get paid to wear cornrows and Afros not a helmet. Get paid to keep America on trial and keep its legitimacy under suspicion. 

Colin Kaepernick is not a black leader.  He is not a revolutionary or even a radical. When collusion kept blacks out of professional baseball Rube Foster started the Negro National League —a concrete solution that served the needs of black Americans and one that is still a source of pride even as it is long defunct.  That’s what genuine black leadership looks like. 

When Kaepernick gets back in the NFL (and I believe he will) Kunte Kinta will just be an image in the background of his latest celebratory Nike ad. 

Put it this way:  Kunte escaped several times and each time he was forcibly returned to the plantation. He never drove back on his own in a hundred-thousand dollar van asking for reinstatement.

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