I wrote this

First things first – my name is Wendell Talley not Lester Cahill. I’ve been writing here under a pseudonym the last few years (thank you for reading!) because I believed it was dangerous to my livelihood to tell you what I really think under my real name. It probably still is but I no longer […]

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all trucked up

Shout out to the Canadian truckers for standing up for your rights. Much respect. My only question: What took you so long? From the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the Canadian Constitution): Section 6 protects the mobility rights of Canadian citizens which include the right to enter, remain in, and leave Canada. Currently, unvaccinated […]

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signal caller

It is important for me to tell you that Brian Flores is not black. Sure, he has the color, shape, and mental acuity of a Milk Dud but he’s not one of the Brothers i.e. American black or Foundational Black American as Tariq Nasheed has coined it. Coach Flores’ parents are from Honduras. He is […]

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Momma Jokes pt. ii

I’m told this woman is a hero. She “brought the receipts”. Yass, Kween! Slay! She’s the new Harriet Tubman (a title being passed around a lot these days). Ah, yes. I remember reading all of the speeches Harriet made to slave owners asking if they could please release their slaves. That Harriet was some speech […]

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Limited partnerships

Unlike most of the black conservatives you see on Fox News I have black friends. Also, unlike the black conservatives most advertised on conservative platforms I have black friends who are blue collar and who are on the Left politically. Because of those connections to the black community and because of my former life as […]

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momma jokes

Back in my day mama jokes went like this, “Yo’ mama so fat she can bench press a garbage truck with her belly!” In the degraded medical tyranny of 2022 mothers take to social media to write jokes about themselves. From Twitter: I call this Stand Up – Speak Out – Comply. It’s what all […]

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quick hits

A few quick, random thoughts before my next long post. Barry Bonds belongs in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame based on his pre-steroid career alone. By 1999, at age 34 he had over 400 homers, over 400 stolen bases, three MVPs, seven Golden Gloves, and seven Silver Slugger awards. He was easily the […]

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